GRANDPA VIV I Feel Like Crying

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tiki - February 8

I don't understand..... im lost with all these could be's maybe's and so is my history: Jan 9th was the start of my lmp. now according to opk i ov'ed on the 22-24 positive opk on the 22nd ( i think) now when i got the positive on the opk me and dh bd on that day.. then again on the 23rd and 24th skipped the 25 and again on the 26th just in case>>>> so anyway we felt positive during the whole 2ww! on Feb 5th af was due but to my surprise it came early...i noticed light pink spotting on friday night (the 3rd) and more on sat. (the 4th) by sun. (the 5th) it was almost normal but i noticed it was more mucousy than red(sorry tmi) then on monday nothing. tuesday nothing... im usually not early but that's not my real issue....the issue is that i usually last 5-6 days and i have agonizing cramping with af..(that requires vicodin) that i ususally start taking the night before af so that i can be comfortable when it starts. well since it came early i didn't know to take my meds, therefore when it hit i had no idea, but i was pain FREE! aside from some minor light cramping, which was nothing! i didn't even have to take tylenol! so im wondering is this a sign of pregnancy? or am i just wishing too much....!!???? I know that im getting tired of me, let alone how everyone else might feel about my MAYBE'S...thanks for reading!


tiki - February 8

anyone may answer


Lin - February 8

Well, there's a chance it could have been implantation bleeding, but there's also a chance it could have been your period. My last two periods have only been 1 day, when they're normally 5. Anyway, you should be able to get a reliable result on an hpt, so go ahead and take one! Let us know how you go. Good luck!


Grandpa Viv - February 8

You have missed a "normal" period. No cramps or regular flow in that bleed. What other signs do you have? Tired, gut function, b___bs, emotions, dizzy, appet_te, taste, smell, peeing, discharge? My suggestion is to take an hpt first pee Saturday just to settle the issue. Good luck!


Colleen - February 9

Im with Grand pa Viv, test test test



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