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Lisa - December 20

I will try to make this as short as possible. I have posted on here before, pretty much stating that I am pregnant with my 3rd child. I had an ultrasound done Friday, got the results today and also another blood test was done. The blood test came back negative. The ultrasound showed a 'blip' in my uterus (that's what the doctor said) and they 'Believe' it to be a fibroid tumor. Last Thursday I tested positive on an hpt - the 2nd (pink) line came up within one minute of testing. I am REALLY shocked that I actually got a false-positive (I followed the instructions to the letter - I've had a lot of practice). My question to you is this: Could the fibroid tumor cause symptoms of pregnancy? I have had nausea, extremely excessive 'Belching', light-headedness, cramping-like pain off and on for the last two weeks in my lower abdominal area, AND as you may have read this before, a light-brown ring has formed around my belly-button (just like the one I got when I was pg with my other two children). I have had two NOT NORMAL periods in Nov and Dec, and they were way shorter than my regular periods. And right before I started those periods, both of my br___ts started leaking a milky-white discharge, and it felt like 'Letdown' (I swear!). Please give me your input, Grandpa Viv (or anybody else who might be able to help). I am believing at this point that I am not pg, but I am concerned about the symptoms that I am still having.


t - December 20

Lisa, stranger things have happened. Take a second test, and if that one shows positive, then you need to get back to the Dr. for another ultrasound. Mistakes have been made before. I don't recall reading that fibroid tumors simulate pregnancy, but I'm not sure. I do know they don't release HCG! Take another test and ket us know. GL


Lisa - December 20

Thanks T. I decided to give it one to two more weeks before I test again. (I will continue to take my prenatal vitamins) My 'Gut' won't let me entirely believe that I am not pg - but I am leaning more towards that right now than anything else. Incidentally, my mom - who is THE 'Doubting Thomas' of all Doubting Thomas' refuses to believe that I am not pg. She told me that 'This isn't over, something is going on here'. When she said that, I honestly got the 'Chills'. She's giving it two more weeks. I already let the 'perspective' father-to-be know that I am not pg. Imagine his surprise if I tell him (a few weeks down the road) the doctors were wrong and I am pg.....


Grandpa Viv - December 20

Gosh! There is some thought that fibroids prosper in the presence of progesterone, and progesterone is what causes most of the signs of pregnancy. What can be causing high progesterone in the absence of a pregnancy? Some kind of glandular upset? Fibroids are common in premenopausal women. You've got me! Ask your doc if he wants you to get a second opinion?


Lisa - December 21

Thanks Grandpa Viv. My doctor tested my thyroid and my prolactin levels almost two weeks ago. She said they are both 'fine'. I am just going to 'wait and see' if my symptoms go away or (God Forbid) get worse. I am just going to have to be patient and see what does or doesn't happen. Anyways....thank you again, Grandpa Viv and T - I shall keep you both informed if anything changes. Happy Holidays to you both, and to everyone on the board.



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