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Lucky1 - January 3

Hi, I am in the vey early stages of my first pregnancy. I had pregnancy symptoms for about 2 weeks and so I took a HPT on Wednesday Dec 29 and got a faint pos. line. Took a test again on Sunday (yesterday) and it's positive. Not faint, but completely positive. I haven't missed my period yet, I am on a 35day cycle and my LMP was Dec. 2nd. Well, I don't really feel pregnant, my br___t are extremely sore (10X more than PMS) but thats it. I don't get nausious, I get really tired but it's like I have insomnia cause I just lay there and can't fall asleep. I get mild cramps throughout the day but they don't really hurt. My doctor said that a pos HPT is 99% accurate and that I am preg, so they made an appt for me on Feb 1st. I am just wondering why I don't feel preg. Is this Norm. I'm so just nervous........


Lisa - January 3

It is completly normal to not feel it. Not everyone has signs. And I took a test once that had a faint line first and then 3 days later showed positive. All it means is that you are a lucky one. I would be excited if this is what you want, but don't worry, it is very normal! :D


Lucky1 - January 3

Thanks, for your rea__surance Lisa, I guess I'm just worrying too much right now!!!!


Grandpa Viv - January 3

Good work, Lucky1. I don't know why you say you don't feel preg - fatigue, unusual cramping and extremely sore b___sts? Perhaps you want to be up-chucking the whole time! I like your post for two reasons - it shows that on a long cycle you ovulated well before the 14 days before next period, and it confirms that the doc really doesn't think there is much to gain from a visit until close to your second missed period (also that's prob the first vacancy he has). I hope you are starting on prenatal vitamins right away, though.


Lucky1 - January 3

Yep, I am taking a Folic Acid-B-compex vitamin which I've been taking for months, but I am going to get my Prenate's tomorrow, they have some free samples at the Doc's offfice........ Thanks 4 the post Grandpviv.. By the way, I O'd on Dec 21 (I think b/c my BBT went up on the 22nd). But I ttc'd on Dec.19, I had to concieve then. What do you think?


Lucky1 - January 4

Just came back from the docs, he said the folic acid and b complex is excellent, he still gave me some prenatal pills to take just in case I need them. He said my due date should be Sept 12!!!! I still have the appt on Feb. 1st, He told me I will actually get to see my baby at that time. WOW!!



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