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dumbo - March 29

Just when I think I am finally in tune with my body and cycle it goes and does something different again (sure you can all relate to this). My question is about implantation bleeding. I have read that it happens for some women and usually occurs on around the time af is due. Some of you say that it has happened 6-10 dpo. If 14 dpo you have what seems like IB (light brown spotting only when you wipe) should you just assume it it an unusual af????


Grandpa Viv - March 30

Not necessarily. The timing of implantation and of spotting varies. If you start getting other signs of pregnancy in the days ahead, you should test after a couple of weeks. Good luck!


Nimrod - March 30

Thanks Grandpa Viv... Dumbo, I'm in almost exactly the same boat. What I thought was AF came 3 days late (yesterday), was just very light and light brown - just enough for a panty liner - & has stopped this morning. I obsessively burned through 8 (yes eight!) epts on dpo's 8 through 13... I'm such a spaz. I swore I wouldn't take another until AF was really late (but almost peed in a dixie cup this morning anyway, he-he). I will test next Monday. Are you going to test soon?


kw - March 30

I'm with you gals! I had light pink just when i wiped yesterday and monday and today it was a brown color, I was supposed to have AF on Mon so I dont' know if its weird af or ib, hopefully ib. I think I am prego but just not sure, I'm going to try and wait to test until Friday or possible monday. baby dust...


Nimrod - March 31

Wow... I can't believe it... I couldn't hold out until Monday like I'd planned (I was just fooling myself). So I ept'd first thing this morning: Two lines! I'm freaking out ... I'm at work, and every once in a while it occurs to me: "I'm PREGNANT!". wow. Dumbo & KW: I hope you're next! good luck!


MM - March 31

Congrats Nimrod!!


kw - March 31

Congrats Nimrod!!! I testing this morning too but still bfn so who knows but I still have no sign of af!



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