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Jenn - July 26

What is wrong with me? LOL Ok here it goes, I had my period this month on the 3rd - 9th. Then on the 20th I started spotting pink then it went to brown and more than a little spot, but nothing to fill a tp or pad...this lasted for only 3 days and it stopped, now I have this gooey clear CM. Did I have 2 periods this month? We are ttc and bd'd every chance we got, but I've never had a brown light period before and never two in one month (I always thought IB was a few spots and that's it, but this was a little more than that.) any suggestions would be helpful.


hm... - July 26

sounds like IB....Take a might get that BFP!!


Jenn - July 26

Ok, sounds good....I'll do that soon, I am just afraid of getting another I am trying to wait for a little while longer to see if the real AF shows. I had IB with my first child but it was just once and a spot..but this was not....nothing to soak a tp but definitely more than a little spot...mainly when I wiped and there was red sometimes, bright red so I thought maybe I was just getting used to being off the patch and it was another period...but in the same month? Does that even happen?


Grandpa Viv - July 27

The body can give confusing signals coming off the pill, and probably off the patch, too. It can also take several months to re-establish a normal cycle. Even so, your three days of pink and brown spotting resemble many other posts for implantation, and a clear or creamy discharge is another early sign. No fatigue, more peeing, upset tummy? See what a home test tells you first pee on Aug 3rd. Good luck!


Jenn - July 27

Well I have had some nausea but not to the point of throwing up...just mainly in the afternoon too. I don't need to urinate more than usual, well I guess I have been beating the urge cause I go check constantly to see if I started my cycle but there's nothing cramps or anything either. Usually after my period I am dry, but this has been followed by CM that is watery and clear? really gooey and yucky. No sore b___sts either. I guess other than the nausea there are really no other symptoms.



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