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Junie - September 12

I don't even know where to start. I was on the ortho evra patch for only 3 months until it made me so depressed, I couldn't take it anymore so I quit it on july this year. I had af on august 6th which was a normal cycle for me. Following that af, around ovulation time, I started feeling very moody and depressed. I had sharp and pinching pain under my belly button (worst after eating), twinges in my abdomen, af-like cramping with very bad lower back pain, nauseouness almost vomit but never did it, swollen br___ts and sore nipples when touched. I was expecting af on september 5th and around that time I felt like I was ovulating instead: pain what felt like in the ovaries, ewcm, I even felt a very high libido (not usual for me). I felt like I was also having a uti, pees a little more, clear watery discharge, smell a little odor down there when I pee, lower abdominal pain. Basically I'm now 7 days late and all hpt bfn. Now I feel like I have the flu (maybe I do). I feel extremely exhausted, sluggish and basically c__ppy, very bad headaches that never goes away, I feel very hot like I have hot flashes. I have the cold and a stuffy nose. I don't know what to do . Please help me.


bump - September 12



Junie - September 12



Grandpa Viv - September 12

Junie, you aren't getting much help on this. Starting and stopping hormone contraception can cause an upset cycle for a while, and give you symptoms that mimic pregnancy. You wouldn't think being on the patch for just three months would cause this much of a problem. Absent the patch history I would say your signs were moderately convincing. As it is, the best I can offer is to suggest you take several more hpts at weekly intervals in case you are one of those to build up hCG slowly. Don't abandon birth control - you may start a pregnancy where you have not yet. Good luck!


Junie - September 13

Thank you grandpa Viv for replying. Last night, I was secong away to go to the er. I had this pulling and pinching pain under my belly b___ton. It was very uncomfortable. I am calling my doctor today to make an appointement. I have enough of this.


Grandpa Viv - September 13

Good luck, Junie. The "tugging feeling" back of the belly b___ton is a post we see quite often. The doctor would probably prefer to see you after you have a positive test, and even as late as the second missed period. Just make sure you are taking 100% folic acid (folate) requirements - it is in most vitamins and in bread and cereal.


Junie - September 13

Thank you again.



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