Grandpa Viv Or Anyone Please Help

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Joanna - August 28

hi im kind of concerned. i need a little help. me and hubby have been trying to concieve for 8 months. See what now would be 6 days since the first day i started bleeding. The first day i was bleeding very light pink then turned brown. the third day i had a redish goopy thing come out of me then since day 3-6 i have been spotting a light brown not enough to even wear a liner. only when i wipe. i have been nauseas last few days and very tired. the day before i started the light bleeding my temp dropped then rose a little the next day then the rest of the days they have been high ive been dizzy the last few days i feel different i "feel" pregnant. i just dont feel like me. for some more info on me i normaly have 3d ay periods cramping and dark red heavy bleeding. soo this isnt a period...i would now be 18 days past ovulation i thnk that around day 12 past ovulation is when implantation occured and this spotting could be implantation bleeding??oh yeah and my cervix is still high and soft. im not sure if that is anything. i just have this weird feeling in my lower abdomen..and im alittle nauseas. had a headach today.. i took a home pregnancy test yesterday it was negative. could that be only becuase i was 5days from what could have been implantaion and my hcg levels arnt high enough yet. ive hear that hcg levels dont show up on pregnancy test for some woman till there 5-6weeks pregnant and if i am i'd only be 4 weeks.. well can someone please let me know what they think. im hoping im pregnant my hubby is so anxious to know as well. i'd also like to know what the blue tint you can get in your va___al areas kind of look like..thank you so much you listening and if you help. ***baby dust*** to all


Grandpa Viv - August 28

Google Chadwick's sign for a description of purple v____a. Your signs are quite promising. Pink and brown fits implantatioin. Test weekly using frist a.m. pee. Good luck after your 8 months of trying!



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