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want a baby - January 12

i got my period in dec. for 2 day (10 & 11th) but i usally get for at least 4 - 5 days. i am 32yrs old and have three but want one more the youngest is 8. we just started try on dec. 1st its been every other day. the begining of jan. i started getting cramps and my br___t were and still are tender that (my nipples hurt alot!!) and i never get cramps or my br___t never get like this when i am or have my period. now today is the 12th and i went to the bathroom and saw like pink discharge almost like light light red. someone please help just want to have one more :)


want a baby - January 12

i forgot to say that i did not just get off the pill i have not been taking any birthcontrol for a year. but we have not been trying to have another baby until dec. you know what i mean.


ekay - January 12

Could be implanatation!!! or could be the start of the evil period.... How long is your cycle?


Grandpa Viv - January 12

I don't know why the 2 day period in Dec, but for a 28 day cycle Dec 24 would have been ovulation and Dec 31 would be a likely day for implantation. That is when your signs started, so I would be encouraged. You are now about to miss a period (we hope). Don't worry about a spot of pink. That could just be teeny blood vessels getting hooked up, implantation plus. If you want to take a home test Sunday morning, it might show a positive, but it would be better to wait until the 22nd. Good luck! We are praying for you.


want a baby - January 12

thats the messed up part i am not sure cuz my last period was oct 29th beside the 2 days in dec. so i did not get any thing at all in nov. but i was not having s_x in oct or nov. i know that sounds crazy now you know why i am just all a mess!!!!


want a baby - January 12

thanks for you respones.


want a baby - January 13

i will test on sunday an let everyone if positive or neg:( .



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