GRANDPA VIV OR ANYONE Possible Implantation Cramps

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curious - April 26

i have a question about implantation. I've read that implantation can happen as early as 3dpo. first of all, is this true? secondly, i ovulated on 4/19 and starting 4/22 i started having slight cramps. not too bad except for once on the left side. ever since then i have been having "uncomfortable" but not painful cramps off and on kind of like af is about to start (but not supposed to until 5/4). also i have a 3 year old and the only symptoms i remember when i found out i was preg with her (got a bfp with her about 2 days before af was even due) is that i kept cramping like af was coming any day. does anyone have any insight? could this be implantation cramping?


Alex - April 26

This is so weird because we are on exactly the same schedule. Even O'd on thesame day and expect af on 5/4. Except for me, I keep having cramps, but I can't tell if it's because of gas or what. But I've also been feeling really light headed! The timing would be pretty good though for IB. Good luck to you and baby dust to both of us!!!


curious - April 26

alex, you'll have to keep me posted on what's going on with you. i've also been having like sharp, shooting pain in my bbs on and off. i know mine are cramps and not gas and it's mostly on the left side. although sometimes in the middle and on the right. it feels just like af most of the time but sometimes it's kind of short, sharp pains on the left. when it first started on friday, i had to sit down for a little while b/c it especially hurt when i was walking. now it's just irritating. took a hpt today (bfn). i know it's too early, just couldn't help myself. let's just keep our fingers crossed!! good luck!!


curious - April 26

sorry, i have another question. correct me if i'm wrong, but i thought your hcg levels rise after implantation?!?! would it still be took early to tell?


erica - April 26

curious, is sounds to me more like Ovulation cramps. Implantation happens 6-12 after Ovulation. The other reason why you might have cramps is because of over stimulation on your ovaries. Are you using a OPK.


dm - April 26

erica, actually yes, i have been using a opk for about 4 months. always get + on about day 13. and i just had blood work done at docs office and everything came back good. i don't know why it would be ovulation cramps b/c i wouldn't think it would last for 5 days and counting and i don't ever get ovulation pain (not to say that it could never happen). it's more like light af cramps than what i have heard ovulation cramps being described as. i don't know. only time will tell. and if this isn't my month, i'm having a hsg done next month and maybe that will up my chances (if nothing is seriously blocked). i hear quite a few women get pregnant 1-3 months after having it done.....*****


bump - April 26



Maria - April 26

I'm just curious, what is hsg?


dm - April 27

hysterosalpingogram-they inject dye into your uterus and fallopian tubes and watch with u/s to see if there are any blockages in your tubes.


Chila - April 27

Hi ladies, I couldn't help but read your thread and relate. I'm having similar symptoms this month. On dpo4, I had some slight cramps when I walking at the Mall. I had to sit down for a while.. and even then I still felt weird down there. Not painful, but just uncomfortable.. so not sure what that was. I ovulated on cd 15, April 19th. So today is dpo8, and this morning I had a tingly almost tugging feeling down on my right side. I'm hoping it was a sign of implantation. I'm keeping my fingers crossed! AF isn't expected until next Wed. April 4th. No sign of painful cramping(knock on wood) and no spotting. But they say not all women experience implantation spotting. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for all of us! **Baby Dust**


dm - April 27

chilia-we seem to be on the same cds. when i was preg with my dd i did not have implantation bleeding. just af like cramps. that's why i'm wondering this time b/c it kind of feels like it did last time i was preg. oh well no need to worry about it. either af will come on 4th or she won't. nothing i can do to change what has already happened this month. good luck to everyone. alex, how are you doing?


motherof20 - April 28

Curious; I just tested yesterday and got my BFP!!!!!! My most fertile time was between April 7-10 which is when we conceived. I had cramping for a few days then it went away. On April 22nd I started with heavy cramping and though af was coming -it was due April 24th. I know now this must have been implantation cramping.


Jen - May 4

Ok I'm in the same boat as everyone else. I'm having dull cramping. I'm 7 days dpo. When one of you guys figure out what's going on, someone let me know please.


dm - May 4

well jen this isn't much hope but i was supposed to start af today and nothing yet. i started cramping early this month...about's odd b/c we've been ttc for 9 months and counting and i have yet (since i was preg with dd) had cramping that early. well i'll know more in the days to come as i'm not planning on testing for a couple more days if i can hold out...i'll keep you updated. good luck and baby dust!!



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