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stacey - May 2

I was wondering if you are doomed to have an eptopic pregnancy, would you have any implantation bleeding? My doctor is confused as I am and are considering giving me a ultrasound but I am only 7 weeks and they think that is to early but I am getting negative blood and urine and yet have all the symptoms to a point that my doctor is concerned. Anyway, would you have implantation bleeding if the fertilized egg didn't implant into the uterus?


Grandpa Viv - May 2

Not sure. That uterine lining would likely shed after a while, so brown spotting would not be surprising. Your doc needs to move along with that ultrasound - I think ectopic can be a problem starting about 8 weeks. Good luck!


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - May 2

I can't believe your doctor won't do an ultrasound. If he's truly concerned, he should have done one by now. Implantation bleeding occurs when the the embryo burrows into the lining of the uterus and implants. I don't see how it could occur if you are having an eptopic pregnancy. What could occur however is blood/discharge related to another medical condition that resembles I/B. :o)


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - May 2

Sorry, that should read ectopic, not eptopic. :o)


Curious - May 2

The rate of HcG is supposed to double more slowly in an ectopic, but is normally expected to rise non-the-less. But you are getting negatives. What kind of symtoms do you have? Are you sure implantation bleeding wasn't a mild period? Do you have any pains at all, sharp pains in one side? Ectopic at 7 weeks would likely produce something like that. If your doctor is concerned, he really should have scanned you.


stacey - May 2

Sorry girls. Guess I should have explained better. my husband was home about 7 weeks ago, he owns a trucking company and he is in another state setting up the new business before we move there so I dont' get to see him much but anyway it made it easier for me to pinpoint when I would have conceived and about 8 days after s_x I had dry light brown spotting on toilet paper and some pink when wiping. This only appeared on toilet paper twice, or I only noticed it that many times anyway. I had mild cramping starting then and lasting for 9 days everyday. Finally sorta started bleeding for two days about 9 days after that. But it wasn't very heavy. Filled like one pad and the rest just on toilet paper. Second period was only one day of heavy cramping clots. But my period is never shorter than 6 days so the one and two day thing is what gets me. I have veins on my b___st and chest that the doctor said "those are definately pregnancy veins" They kinda look like a road map. Other than that, I am very tired feeling and take some naps and my back aches sporadically. Anyway I don't know why they won't do a scan yet. Kind of scared though. Who knows, maybe it is nothing. But his concern is now mine. Thanks girls.


jena - May 2

it's not too early for an ultrasound - I had a great one at 6 weeks - is there any way you can get a second opinion?



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