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want a baby - March 17

well my lmp was jan 12th. now i think that will make me about 9 weeks. (i think not sure how many weeks i am ?? if any one can help me with that also i would be greatful!) but any way went to the dr. yesterday and she could not hear a heart beat.!!! i am very scared and worried!! is that normal? this is my 4 th kid but i never had this happen. the dr. says she wants me back in 2 weeks to check again. she did tell me that the reason is because i have gained alot of weight but i don't think i have gained that much that she would be able to hear my baby's heart beat. anyone can help me i would be very great full!! baby dust to all !


chriss - March 17

to want a baby - if your lmp was Jan 12th, that would make you 9 weeks, counting from the first day of your lmp. I'm not sure why your Dr. didn't hear a heartbeat though, maybe someone else can shed some light on this for you. But I don't know why gaining a few pounds would affect this either. Good luck to you.


bump - March 17



kim - March 17

I would try to relax, your Dr,. is probably right. They say the heartbeat is harder to hear in thicker women. If you are only 9 weeks then even a thin women may not hear the heartbeat yet. I believe my book at home says 10 weeks with sensitive doppler and 14 to 18 weeks with a stestoscope.


want a baby - March 17

i am a big girl but i don't concider my self that big cuz i am 5"11 175pounds. and i only have gained 4 pounds. i do have a little bit more fat on my lower stomach cuz of my other 3 kids but now too much but i guess its enough huh.??? thanks for you answers.


mm - March 17

not sure sorry


???? - March 17



hello - March 17



amanda - March 17

i think it could be that you are to early for them to hear a heartbeat so you caould always have themdo a v____al ultrasound then you could see the heartbeat


Alexis - March 17

Try not to worry, with my 2nd baby I could not hear the heartbeat until 12 weeks my doctor ended up finding it with a sonogram and you could see him all formed and moving and sure enough you could see his heart beating on the moniter. So try and be patient and keep the faith. Baby dust to you and Good Luck!!!


want a baby - March 17

thanks you guys and babydust to all ttc!!


JANIS - March 17



kim - March 17

It is LMP, Last Mentrual Period. Go by the first day of period.


want a baby - March 21

have not had a u/s yet. but might get one on the 1st of april. i am getting headaches cuz of all of this thinking.



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