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Willow - August 15

If your af comes late (i am never late) what can it possibly mean? for the past 2 cycles my af came between 3-5 days late,and in june my af came nearly a week early.. i have been ttc for a long time now and i thought i might have been preggo until af decided to show her face uninvited. my last normal cycle was in May. also i have been having pregnancy symptoms since june, (in july and aug) but even though my af came late,, it still came june(5 days early) july(5days late) aug(3-days late). my next af is due Aug 24th.(granted my cycle stays at 28 days). BTW i took a HPT last month when af came late. i got a faint pos. but af showed 2-days later....:^( I still "feel pregnant but i know that that's impossible with having a period. can anyone help????Aside from the obvious preg symptoms that ive been ahving since june( mild nausea, light cramping in between periods, sore bbs, frequent urinating, fatique) i noticed friday that ive put on alot of weight since that last time i weighed myself which was june 3rd 2005. i am 5'5" and at that time i weighed 173lbs on friday aug 12th i weighed 191lbs but i haven't really noticed any change(in clothes). what is going on???


Grandpa Viv - August 15

A faint positive means you are pregnant. Bleeding occurs in 1 out of 4 pregnancies, sometimes past the first trimester. Call the doc or a clinic and get prenatal care. Good luck!


Willow - August 15

thanks gviv, i am open for any other opinions still. thanx


bump - August 15



bububump - August 15



bumpy - August 15



bumpy - August 17



Mica - August 18

Hello, GV is right. Read the instructions with the hpt! It doesn't matter how light the line is as long as it was a colored line that appeared within the time limit. That means pregnant! Have you re-tested and gotten negatives, or something? I suggest you get a blood test!



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