Grandpa Viv Or Others Need Some Advice On M C

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Chriss - March 8

I posted yesterday that I thought I had a miscarriage and that I was going to my Doctor last night. Well I went and he took a pregnancy test because he said that the line on the home pregnancy tests should not have disappeared in such a short period of time and that he really didn't trust home pregnancy tests. So either the test gave me a false positive or I am still pregnant. I am very confused now, because when I "thought" I had the m/c over the weekend, I actually only bled for two days at the most and it wasn't heavy bleeding. When someone has a m/c do you usually have heavy bleeding for a longer period of time?? and what do people mean when they say there was "clots" does this mean that their was a thicker material-like substance in with the blood?? I stopped bleeding yesterday morning, but spotted a little today and if there was a thicker substance, during the short time that I bled, could I still be pregnant?? I am very sorry for all of the bumbled questions and thank you all for being so helpful and patient.


michelle - March 8

I feel for you during this uncertainty. Not knowing would be killing me. Would your dr. do an ultrasound?


tay - March 8

what results did the dr come up with chriss?


Grandpa Viv - March 8

So sorry you are confused, Chriss. What did the doctor's pregnancy test say, or do you have to wait for the laboratory? Quant_tative or qualitative? Doctors do wish the home preg tests had never been invented - brings women to their office before things have had a chance to settle down. I think you are going to have to be patient for a week or two (not easy) before you know for sure what transpired last weekend. Good luck!


chriss - March 8

My Dr. will call me the results of the test from the Lab and in the meantime I guess I just sit, wait and wonder...... It is very difficult, the not knowing is driving me nuts, but I thank you all for your thoughtful words and prayers for the giving me advice and information when I have nowhere else to turn! It is very much appreciated. Chriss


wendy - March 8

you will know when you have your m/c because your have cramping that should be more than your normal menstral cramp and you will be pa__sing alot of blood, along with that blood will be clumps of tissue which is the clots and then the sac will come out. Depending on how far along you are will make the sac different sizes. The farther along you are the larger the sac. The hole experience can take upto 12 hours. When you feel like the bleeding and cramps are at their worst that means it is almost over. Don't panic your body will take care of it. When you feel like the sac has come out your bleeding should subside and then stop at that time you should go to your dr so they can check your hcg levels, when they start to drop and then go below 5 then it has all pa__sed.



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