Grandpa Viv Or Pg Women Any Advice Woule Help

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Concerned - June 12

Okay I think I o'd on June I woke up with a lot of brown and red bleeding for about 3 hours, heavy! now it is gone there is nothing at all. Could that be implantation bleeding, or is my af starting early? I don't have any symptoms of anything either pg or af...I would be due for af on June would be 9dpo...I really don't want to get my hopes up...but I just want to know what someone thinks....thanks for your time!!


hello - June 12

it sounds like it could be implantation bleeding! good luck, let us know


Concerned - June 12

Thanks for responding....I am so anxious...I am up for a new job this week also and I don't want to take it if I will be a Mommy in 9 months...there is such an emotional roller coaster attached to not knowing...I really want to wait until Thurs. b/c af would be due friday I have an early test but don't know if I want to dissapoint myself and get my hopes up if it is too early what do you think....???


k - June 12

keep us updated ! good luck!


Grandpa Viv - June 12

I take it that you had good exposure at O time. Your bleed today is timed right for implantation but sounds heavier than most. See if you get any more signs this week, and delay the test as long as possible. Tell them at the job interview you need a few days to think about it. Goodluck!


Concerned - June 12

Thanks Grandpa Viv the bleeding filled up one pantyler then disappeared. I think it was heavy but maybe I explained it wrong...I want to test so bad...after I showered today I noticed my areola's are a bit darker, and my temp is 99.0 today and I usually run low and I am not sick...I hope I am. Thanks for your response.


k - June 13

take a hpt--and let us knew -good luck !


Michelle - June 13

You sound go see a Dr. Hope you are ok :)


Concerned - June 14

Hi ALL, I took hpt today and got 1 really dark line and 1 barely visible line does that mean what I think it means?????? Any answer would help!!!!! Thanks


Mrie - June 14

Concerned: If you got a faint line, you are most likely pregnant! It may have been faint because you haven't built up enough HCG yet. Take another test with the first pee tomorrow morning and it should be darker! Congrats!


SS - June 14

Congrats, concerned!!! U cant be a lil bit preg.


Concerned - June 19

Well ladies and Grandpa Viv got my digital BFP on Wed night after a very faint line test Tues and Wed morning and went to the dr. on Thur... and he says EDD Feb 25th I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS FOR ALL THE RESPONSES!!!!!


Grandpa Viv - June 19

Congratulations on your pregnancy. Stick around and help some of the others.



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