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squawprincess - March 20

OMG! It is so good to see your posts still revolving the website after all these years! I was a regular on this site about 5 years ago or more. I stopped visiting the site because I found that I was driving myself crazy with comparing symptoms and wishing so hard to be pregnant with a BFN to greet me every month. Since then I have adopted two little girls (biological sisters) and working on adopting my foster son who is 5 months old! Well guess what brought me back to the forum??! I recieved my BFP!!!! My DH and I have since given up tracking and planning and trying for some years now! Needless to say, this is a total surprise and unexpected. I am happy but I am also scared because this is my first pregnancy and I am 32 years old! I am so at a loss right now because I do not know where to begin or what to do. I don't even know how far along I am (don't laugh) because since I stopped tracking I can not tell you when my last period was (although I know it was in February). The only reason why I took a HPT is because I was cramping (initial sign that AF was on her way) for over a week. Then my co-worker mentioned to me that she started her AF and I was like oooKKKKaaaayyyy, as I usually start my AF one week before her. Meanwhile I am still cramping like AF was coming. Nothing really painful just more annoying I guess. The cramps seemed to be worse at night and would keep me awake tossing and turning along with feeling hot (night sweats). Today I am suffering from the feeling of hunger but nausea as well. I don't know if this is known as morning sickness but I feel starving but I can't get in the mood to eat because I am nauseated. Can you excuse my age (lol) and ignorance and give me some pointers? I am going to the ob/gyn on Friday to see how far along I am and to get a "professional talking to" lol. Just hoping that you could help me ease my mind until then. Thanks in advance!


Grandpa Viv - March 20

Wow! You must be some happy. Based on your co-worker, can we guess your period should have come March 11th, your last good period Feb 12th? That would give you a due date Nov 17th. Start on your prenatal vitamins, and proceed to the first trimester forum. Your signs sound normal. How about fatigue, dreams, peeing, discharge, smells, acne, backache, b___st and nip changes? Best of luck going forward. I have a friend who got pregnant while in the midst of an adoption. Is there something psychosomatic going on here?


squawprincess - March 21

May be about right with the dates. To answer your question, I am noticing more CM but it is not consistant as far as it being thin sometimes and creamy at other times. Sorry but the CM is not much help other than it is alot of it no matter the consistency! I have MASSIVE ACNE almost like I am back in high school! They are everywhere! On my face, neck, shoulders, chest and back. My lower back is very uncomfortable similar to AF cramps especially when sitting at my desk at work. I'd rather get up to walk around. The b___st do not seem swollen but the nipples are extremely sore...especially to touch. No dreams--can't really sleep at night :( but I am very fatiqued probably due to the lack of sleep. The cramps and Nausea tremendously increases at night.


Mags32 - March 29

Hello Grandpa Viv, please help me out to figure it out....My first period started on March 01 and on the 14th I had s_x with my bf,(we have always used the pull-out method)I'm 32 so I don't need to worry if I'll be pregnant however just want to know. I skipped my period for about two days, usually my cycles are 28-29 days mostly on time. I feel cramps at very low of my abdomen and I think because of that I'm peeing more often but then I'm thinking maybe my period is coming up? What are the chances that I'm pregnant. How soon I can check it out? Would the blood test confirm after 4 or 5 days of being late with period? Thanks so much.


Grandpa Viv - March 29

Mags, you had poorly protected s_x right at ovulation time. Now you are late with weird cramps and more peeing. How about fatigue, discharge, b___sts and nips, smells, appet_te, fav foods, acne, hot flashes, can't sleep, backache, stuffy nose, emotions, heartburn, upset gut, short of breath etc? You could do a home preg test Sunday morning first am pee, dip method, and repeat a week later if still in doubt. Best of luck!


Mags32 - March 29

Today I felt pain in my lower back but this also hapens when my period is about to come, my brest are a bit hurting mostly on the side when I touch, I have some hot flashes but again this comes also aroud my perid time. No stuffy nose,heartburn etc yet. Do you think this is hight chance for me to be pregnat?


Grandpa Viv - March 30

Mags, following poorly protected s_x you are having PMS signs but no menstruation, plus some other early preg signs. My guess is that there is a better than 50% chance that you are getting pregnant. Let us know the result of tomorrow's home test. A qualitative blood test is not going to give you a positive more than a few days before a pee test. GL!


hang - April 1

GrandPa. I need your help as soon as possible My period always start in the beginning of the month. We had unprotected s_x on March 31, and he came inside me . He said I wont be pregnant because my period will be on soon on April. Today April 1st, i havent had no side of period . So will i be pregnant?


Grandpa Viv - April 1

He is correct that s_x a day or two before your period is due is very unlikely to get you pregnant. Could you have had a contraceptive malfunction about March 16th - do you have early preg signs already - I think not? Another possibility is that your entire cycle has been delayed due to stress or sickness, and if you are getting pregnant you will not be able to test for a couple of weeks yet, plus PlanB might be worth considering. Finally you may just be skipping a cycle. Come back and let us know how it develops. GL!


hang - April 3

Thank you Grandpa. Till now April 3rd, I havent had period. I feel worry, He told me my period sometimes comes late, SHould I take plan B because today will be the last day I be able to take it (after 72 hours I think) But Plan B will mess up my cycle.. and it's pricey.


Grandpa Viv - April 3

Hang, you do not tell of any s_xual exposure earlier in the month - not fooling around without a condom - and you have no early pregnancy signs, which you would likely have if you had got pregnant in that manner. Therefore it is likely that your cycle is delayed, and there is some chance that you ovulated around the time you had s_x - do you remember feeling very much "in the mood" and having fertile mucus at that time? If you can afford PlanB and it is really important not to get pregnant, maybe that is the way to go. GL!


xjenjenx - April 15

Grandpa Viv I have a concern...March 8 my boyfriend and I had s_x, but the condom didn't break or anything (we double check) March 11-14 I had my period and spotted 15 and 16 (I usually have my period for about 6 days) I was suppose to get my period again April 12, but I am now 3 days late, should I be worried.? I don't see or feel any changes in my body and we haven't messed around since. I'm extremely anxious.


Grandpa Viv - April 15

There's nothing here to make me think you are pregnant. Your s_x was outside the fertile window, you had a period and you have no signs. You are a bit of a worrier and that may explain the late preiod. Run a home test to convince yourself.


xjenjenx - April 21

Update: I got my period after 6 days of it being late (according to my calendar) What a relief.! Thanks for the extra side support.!


xjenjenx - April 21

Update: I got my period after 6 days of it being late (according to my calendar) What a relief.! Thanks for the extra side support.!


Grandpa Viv - April 22

Jenjen, you must have had a worrying week. How about buying some v____al spermicide (foam, film or insert) and use it as well as the condom, especially if in the fertile window. That way you will never have to worry. GL!


Eksanity - October 21

My girlfriend and i have s*x this october 18 . It is not a totaly s*x tho cause we are both virigin . I did not penetrate her that deep . I only enters the head of my p***s in her . But before we did it . I urinated and wipe all the precum on the tip of my p***s . And suddenly shes always feel tired. She changes mood so quickly . Is there any chance thats shes pregnant? Because we are not ready yet and were both scared . If that thing happen we will suicide together . Pls help us :( thankyou



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