Grandpa Viv Please Can You Advise

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Emma. - February 13

I live in Tanzania and so I would like some sensible advice as the doctors here don't really seem too clued the first day of my last period was 21 January, so I think I ovulated around 1/2/3 Feb, and we had frequent intercourse. Since a few days after that I have been having on and off cramping in my lower abdomen - similar to period pains but not as intense. I feel more tired than I would expect, my br___ts have fairly clear veins on them, I am goiong to the loo more frequently, and also during the night - which I never normally do. I have a little lower back ache, and I have more saliva than usual, accompanined by a metallic taste in my mouth, which is there even after brushing my teeth. I have also started getting a few spots on my face, which is unusual for me. I very much hope I am pregnant, - it would be my first, and I am already 34 - in my eagerness have already done 2 tests, but both were negative. I am due for my AF around 16th Feb (my cycle is normally 26 - 28 days). Please advise whether or not you think I may be pregnant? I realise that I want a child so much that I may be noticing some things more than often, but I surely canot be imagining them all?? Thanks for your help.


Emma - February 13

Sorry, Grandpa Viv - two other things I forgot to mention in my above missive.....I am having trouble gtting to sleep because I get Sooooooo hot when I go to bed, and I also keep going to the loo because I keep thinking I may have wet myself a bit, because it feels very wet down there all the time. I really would like to have a clue because I smoke, and would want to try and stop if it were a is going to be a real battle, but worth it for a baby!


Grandpa Viv - February 13

How wonderful! You bring back memories of my days in Northern Rhodesia (Zambia) 45 years ago. All the signs you mention including the v____al wetness and acne lead me to believe you will get a positive test by Feb 23rd. Just keep your fingers crossed Feb 16th. This is a wonderful opportunity to quit smoking. Don't forget the prenatal vitamins, too. Good luck!



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