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Serenna - December 7

I posted this question earlier today and have gotten no responses...My ovualtion dates were supposedly 29-3 I had intercourse everyday during those days...cuz i'm ttc #1. Today i had one spot of light pink blood on my panties...haven't had anymore even on tp. Could this b implantation bleeding. I need ur advice please help!??!?!


Grandpa Viv - December 7

Adding a "bump" comment to your original post will get it back to the top of the list. The spot could indeed represent implantation - stand by for additional early signs in the next few days. Keep your hopes low key until you actually miss a normal period and test positive a week later.


Serenna - December 7

Viv: I've had slight cramping in both sides and my abdomen. I've been eating way more...gettting very easily fatigued..been sleepin about 12-14 hours a day and still feel tired. I;ve had heartburn once or twice (which i never get)


Serenna - December 7

O and i've been having bluish beins in my nipples and they're very very tender to touch...and i have aching pains as if i'm goin to start AF although it's not due until 12/14


bump - December 8



Jewel - December 8

I would say you have good possiblity for pregnancy,I had alot of bleeding after first postive test,was so excited then bleeding started next day,Dr told me it was hopeless i was going to miscarry so so a DNC but we hoped and prayed and waited,And turned out the baby was fine.I had ahealthy little girl.So do get apreg test and see Dr if postive good luck.


Grandpa Viv - December 8

Serenna, you have lots of good signs. Like Jewel says, getting past the first period is an important next step.


Serenna - December 8

Viv&Jewel: Thanks so much...i hope that these are all good signs!! Guess it's the waiting game until AF which is a week from today....Wish me luck!!!


Karen - December 8

Hi everyone! We've been ttc forever, I'm 31 (trying for our first), had to have surgery to clear tubes & adhesions 4 months ago and now have a real chance tc. Serenna, I'm about with you. My cycle started on Nov. 15, was ovulating around the 29th, and I have slight symptoms but don't want to get our hopes up. The odd thing is I have non-odor discharge like I'm still ovulating, had a single small drop of blood this morning, slightly crampy/pressure and just a little sensitivity & soreness in my b___sts. I should start Tuesday/Wed. When should implantation occur according to my dates?


Grandpa Viv - December 8

Karen, a clear or creamy discharge is not uncommon in early pregnancy. For some it starts later. The book says implantation is 7 to 10 days after conception/ovulation, but I get the impression from posts here that it is often sooner.



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