Grandpa Viv Please Help

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katie - November 30

I've never posted to you b4, but I've read your answers to some o the other questions and you sound so informative. Here's my predicament: I have some pregnancy symptoms, I took a test, and it was negative(I took it too early, I'm sure). I am SO bloated that my pants don't fit properly on my hips and thighs, I have mild nausea ,vomiting, heartburn, I get these bad headaches at night that go away when I get up in the morning, I've had a thick milky white discharge for the past week,mild heartburn, constipation(I've never been constipated in my life)and increased appet_te(mostly in the middle of the night).My br___ts aren't sore, or anything, but there's a big blue very visible vein running all the way down one. I would probably be about 3 weeks now, but my period isn't due until sometime this week. My question: is it possible to feel pregnant before your missed period, or could I just be imagining things? I'm sorry this is so long, but I'm so confused, and I don't want to be getting excited for nothing.


Grandpa Viv - November 30

Katie, it is common to feel pregnant before your period is due. Implantation is a week or so after conception, and early signs start then. Your signs are quite pronounced. The extreme bloating is not common, but the rest fit. Take a test a week after your period due date. Good luck!


zuly - November 30

It sounds very much like you could be pregnant . wait a few days to see if your period comes down if not take a test to see what it says . good luck.


Katie - December 1

thank you guys very much, I really thought I might be filling my head with alot of nonsense


Tonya - December 1

Katie - I am going through the same thing. I am now 6 days late - hpt shows neg, but I have all the same symptoms. I am 5'8 and normally weigh 120, and now I feel like I weigh 150. (I really only gained 5 lbs though.) I have naseau in the am and usually around the same time, lower back is aching and craving food I would never have eaten before. BUT STILL THE TEST IS NEG. It is driving me up the wall!! I hope yours is successful and wish you the best of luck. Just know there is someone out there that is sympothizing with you!


Leah - December 1

Oh yea!! I know exactly how you all feel, I'm feeling the same but I don't start my period until the 14th. But I have had a lot of cramping and lower back ache, my b___bs feel larger then usual but not sore, and horrible headaches I don't know what to think either? I have taken two tests but in the middle of the day and my urine has been diluted, so I'm trying to wait till I get a little bit closer to my period and do a test in the morning! Good Luck!



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