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wondering - March 29

I am three weeks late by my LMP... I have had 3 kids and I KNOW I am preg, but I cant get a test yet to confirm.. If I ovulated late in my cycle, would that technically mean I was only a couple weeks preg and thats why I cant get a pos? so my cycles are 30 days, and I am thinking I ovulated on or around 4th or 5th of March ( AF was due March 7) around teh 12th is when I started getting signs of being pregnant.. if thats the case and I did ovulate that late, would that mean that I am not 3 weeks late or 7 weeks along..but only a couple weeks pregnant? I was able to get a faint pos on March 12, but neg ever since.. im just wondering if this is common or is it possible I am ( even tho I garuntee I am )


wondering - March 29



MM - March 29

If you got a faint pos you are most likely pregnant - it doesn't matter how dark the line is, if there is a line you are preg.


wondering - March 29

ya thats what I haev been hearing about faint pos.. but I guess i was more wondering that if you ovulate late would that be one of the reasons why it would be faint and then neg.. becuase I didnt ovulate 14 days into my cycle like normal but near the end.. would that mean I am only a couple weeks preg, rather than 7 if I went by LMP


KT - March 29

My hpt said that if you waited 10 min then a faint line may appear. After only 5 min a faint line started to appear. The test results are supposed to be ready in 3 min. How long did you wait to check your test? You could've waited too long and are seeing a false positive, or you could be in my boat. Feeling almost certain in your gut that you are pg, but possibly bought a bad test. Maybe you should go to the DR?


jena - March 29

i hope you ovulated late because I hope I did - my levels are too low so the only way I have a viable pregnancy is if i ovulated later and the baby is way "younger" than it would be if you went by LMP. So, yes, I would say that is a possibility for you - that's what my doctor's are hoping for me, at least - i totally think you should get a blood test just to be sure and see where you are in your hCG levels... good luck!!


wondering - March 29

it was within the time alloted that I checked..I have also been to docs and it was neg but those tests only detect at 100mliu of HCG... which is another reason why I think I ovulated late and thats why its taking so long for a pos to show up...I am waiting for my next missed period to test again April 7th


Grandpa Viv - March 29

Most folks here start hoping for a positive a week after missing, or 3 weeks after conception. If you O'd on the 5th that would compute to last weekend. If you can spare the cash it 's probably OK to test again now. Good luck!



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