Grandpa Viv Plz Help 4 Neg Tests Culd I Still Be Pregnant

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Diane1 - April 29

Hi. My last period started on the 23rd march, my cycle is usually 28 days but i have been on the mini pill which made it 35 but the last 3 months it has been 28. Last month i missed alot of pills and was on antibiotics. My period is never usually late, the last 2wks ive been having cramping and everything like its about 2 start. i Have taken 4 tests and all say negative. I kinda feel pregnant is there a chance i am or is it just the mini pill making me skip my period? Im feel like im going crazy. Im not under any stress or anything so there isnt really any other resons why its so late.


Diane1 - April 29

Oh yeah and ive been feeling really emotional and hormonal i cant stop crying at the stupidest things. This is what i felt like the last time i was pregnant.


Grandpa Viv - April 29

Missed mini pills is pretty close to no bc at all, but that could upset your cycle too. Keep taking tests at one week intervals using first morning urine. I think you are one week late, and I don't start looking for other reasons until you are still negative at 2 weeks late. GL!


Diane1 - April 30

Ok thanks. Its just wierd cos i know the last time i missed pills i got my period straight away but i will test again in a week. Either way i will be happy.


Diane1 - May 5

Ok well still no sign of period. On 2 occasions have been to the toilet and wiped and there was the smallest amount of brown discharge. Any ideas what this was? Still have the period pain and a really sore lower back i havnt taken another test yet. Do u think its possible its an eptopic pregnancy?


Grandpa Viv - May 5

Brown discharge can be the lining of the uterus that did not come down in a period - old blood. Lower back pain some attribute to the hormones loosening up the ligaments in preparation for pregnancy. Do you have no other unusual signs like more peeing, appet_te and smell changes, b___st and nips different, emotions, lightheaded moments, hot flashes etc? It seems like time to take another test. GL!


Diane1 - May 7

Did another test this morning still negative. Had s_x and for a few hrs after there was a bit of pink blood thought it was start period but its not. Going to doc 2moro so hopefully will find out whats going on.


Diane1 - May 11

Got a blood test done. Negative. Got 2 go back and get more tests done hopefully nothing 2 serious.


wanda80 - May 16

hey Diane1 .. I am in the same situation I am 2 1/2 weeks late and I was wonder what happen to u.. good luck I am going to test again in the morning and eather way I will call my Ob/Gyn



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