Grandpa Viv Re Faint BFP

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nell - August 23

yesterday morning I got a faint bfp. I took another test lat night different brand EPT and got a negagtive. Took another brand this morning and got a very faint positive again with clear blue. the first one you could see clearly. the one this morning not very clear aat all. I am 2 days late, I am gunna wait until this weekend to test again. I was wonder though if it is likely that I am pregnant. I have fatigue, sore br___ts, ewcm, light cramping and a tender lower abdomin. I have been getting dizzy spells. I have also been very thirsty for water.


D - August 23

Sounds like you might be! I would get a First Response. They are very accurate..especially during early detection!


nell - August 23

Thanx D. I have one more clear blue test I am gunna use in 3 days then I will buy a first response.


cody - August 23

hey nell if you got faint positives in the morning your hcg would be more concentrated so when you got your negative at night your hcg was probably less concentrated, levels should double every few days so in three days you should get a stronger positive in theory although sometimes even with high hgc they are still faint dont worry just take it that your pregnant and test again


Nell - August 23

Thank you Cody. I feel pregnant it is mainly for my Dh I think it is one of those see it to believe it things lol.


bump - August 23



Grandpa Viv - August 23

A couple of faint positives plus those good signs and two days late is about as conclusive as you can get. You are right to take one more test next weekend first am pee, and I think it will be quite a bit darker. Good luck!


Michelle - August 24

Seems like you are! Let us know when you have taken the next one. They say that false positives are very rare and to get two seems really likley with the symptoms as well. Why not go to your docs and get them to confirm? Good luck x


Nell - August 24

I just do not understand....I went to see a my roomates dr. (he is a friend of hers) She is 8 mths pregnant. He did a few tests and I am not pregnant. what are the odds that I am not pregnant after getting 2 faint poistive with 2 different test brands and being late. Dh even saw the tests my sister saw them to so I know it isn't all in my head. I am just so confused right now.


Grandpa Viv - August 24

The doc might have used urine tests that were less sensitive than yours, or used them on urine at a time of day when the hCG was less concentrated. Wait a few days and test again. Good luck!


Lana - August 24

Did he do a blood test or urine test??


nell - August 25

he did a urine and an ultrasound. How likely is it that he didn't see anything in the u/s and for me to be pregnant? Today I had some mildly painful pressure in my lower abdomin but no period no sign of any blood. doesn't implantion happen around the time af would?


Shauna - August 25

Most implantation bleeding would happen around time your supposed to get af. some times it's a few days earlier that is why alot of the time women are suprised to find that they in fact are pregnant b/c they think that they had their af instead of implantation. hope you are!! good luck!!! take your next test in the am, first pee... and try not to drink more water than usual, I have heard it can dilute the hcg.


nell - August 25

Af came this morning. I am positive it is af very very strong and full forced. ughhh. thank u all for the help and information.


bean - August 25

Nell - sounds like an early m/c. So sorry! They're unfortunately very very common. The good news is that after a m/c you're much more fertile. Baby dust!


nikolette - August 25

hi nell so sorry for u. how long have u been ttc? well last month i also had a very faint +++ and like every one says on the forum. a positive is a positive. even when another hpt came up neg. and when my af came 5days late the word was still a pos is a pos! well the bleeding that i experienced was not IB it was AF. so for a while (even after af )i thought i was preggo, with all the symptoms and all, even eating like a horse. and as u guessed i am not pregnant and never was. it wasn't until af kept on showing on time that i realized hey i could not have IB again...??? then people started saying that i could have had a m/c. but if i m/c with the 1st af how did i still have preg symptoms even now 2 1/2 months later. well i now realize that womens bodies are more complicated that what we already know... gosh this stuff is hard to understand. my opinion is sometimes that saying "a +++ is a ++++" may not be the case. Nurses, Doctors, Ob-Gyn whoever may be good and all but no one is perfect and know 100% everything about everyone......thanks i just wanted to share my thoughts and experiences..



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