Grandpa Viv Someone Please Help Am I Pregnant Or Crazy

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Laura - February 23

Someone please help! I think I am going insane. I have been so nauseated ever since Saturday evening. It waxes and wanes throughout the day, but it has not disappeared for four days now. I have never experienced a sickness like this before. I feel bloated, and like I have gas, but it doesn't produce anything! I am on the Pill, and my last AF was shorter than normal and was only a brown dishcarge. However, I thought at the time that it was because I had altered the date of my period the month prior. I'm so tired, even when I get plenty of sleep. I called my doctor yesterday and she recommended a pregnancy test and an antacid. I did a HPT last night and right when I woke up this morning, but both came back negative. My next AF is due next week. Am I going crazy? Should I re-test? Please help!!! My husband and I were not ttc, so this would be a surprise, but I just can't figure out what else it could be. PLEASE HELP!


Grandpa Viv - February 23

With no pill in the picture and a period expected Feb 28th, ovulation would have been Feb 14th and early signs could have started Feb 19th. Nausea, bloating and fatigue are all early signs. The same signs might be caused by hormonal upsets related to the pill. The best suggestion I have is to re-test before you start your next active pills, about March 7th. If you are pregnant the hCG hormone will be much higher by then. Good luck!


Laura - February 23

Grandpa Viv, thank you so much for your input. I just have one quick question. Until Sunday I am still on my "Active Pills" since my AF isn't until the 28th. I am worried about taking my pills this week if I am indeed pregnant. Could they harm the baby if I am pregnant? Any suggestions? Thank you so much.


STOP - February 23

If you are UNSURE that you are preg. STOP taking the pills until confirmed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good luck!


Grandpa Viv - February 23 (just one hyphen) says that if pregnancy is supected 1) you should have a sensitive (quant_tative?) blood pregnancy test done before starting the next round of active pills and 2) there is no demonstrated risk of birth defects from taking the pill while pregnant.


Laura - February 24

Grandpa Viv, Thank you so much for the website. I spoke with a nurse today who told me exactly the same thing. I feel much more at ease now. Thank you so much for taking the time to look up that information for me and letting me know. May God bless you.



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