Grandpa Viv What S Going On With Me

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Jen - February 13

I've been late over a week now. My last period was on Jan 13, I'm on a 23 day cycle. I was spotting pink on Jan 26,27,28. And then nothing. I was due for af on Feb 4th. I've been feeling very tired lately and a little nauseus when I eat. But nothing else. Now I waited a week to test. I tested today the 13 and it was negative. I've never been late this long. I'm so confused. What's going on with me? I now it may take some time for the hormone levels to go up, but I though a week will be enough. I used those pregnancy test strips they're supposed to detect like 20ml or whatever hormones levels and nothing. I am a little concern, should I contact my doctor or should I wait a bit longer. Please tell me what you think. I would really appreciate your advise. Thanks.


bump - February 14



bum[ - February 14



Grandpa Viv - February 15

Sorry, I was gone for the weekend. That short cycle means you probably ovulate right at the end of your period, so the spotting could have been implantation. As you know, tired and nauseous are indicators. No b___b changes or digestive changes? Some women take weeks and weeks to get a positive. My suggestion in these circ_mstances is to test at weekly intervals until you miss a second period, then see a doctor. Good luck!


Jen - February 15

Thanks Grandpa Viv you are a great help. I don't feel anything on my b___bs or have serious indigestive problems just a little nauseus when I eat. I have been really hungry lately do. I usually don't eat at morning time, but in the past few weeks I wake up starving with the shakes and everything. Even if I ate a lot the night before. With my son I didn't notice any b___b changes until half way through my pregnancy. So I will keep testing on a weekly basis we'll see what happens. Thanks again you really make me feel better.



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