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Hopeful - December 13

I had my last period on 11/17, it only lasted for two days (stopped when my b/f and i had s_x). My period usually lasts for about 4 days. I ovulated around the 29-2 (at least that's what the ovulations calculators said) I had s_x everyday due to the fact that were ttc#1. About 2 days past ovulation i started to get bad headaches and period like cramps in my abdomen, then my left side started aching like crazy. Six days past ovulation I got this pulsating pain in my right ovary (or at least that's what it seemed). On 11/7 I woke up with a pink spot of discharge on my panties but that was it no more discharge. I also have been breaking out a bunch more than usual. My next AF is expected on wednesday 11/15. These are my symptoms aching abdomen (period like cramps), eating like crazy, gassy out both ends, bluish like veins in my nipples (somedays there not as noticable but still obviously there), pains in my br___ts, very very fatigued all of the time, peeing like crazy, and everytime i eat i feel as if i'm goin to throw up. And then all of a sudden yesterday i wake up with this horrendous cold. I took a hpt today it was neg. I took it with first morning's urine. Is it still too early. Please help someone. Do u think it's possible to b pg?!?!


Christine - December 13

It sounds like you have some very strong signs of pregnancy...I'm not sure about the pulsating pain in your ovary...but as long as it is not constant and has gone away you should be may have been ovulating late...If your due for your AF on 12/15(dates up there are a little confusing) it is probably still too early to test with hpt's...I know they say up to 3 days before and some sooner but usually it wont show until a week or so after your missed period...wait until at least this weekend and try another test if AF has still not come around..good luck


hoping - December 13

my next af is 12/15 sorry about the confusion. but thanks for the advice christine!! Anyone else


G - December 13

Hopeful, me too! Same sypthoms same ovalution time frame. My peroid was to come yesterday but never did. Took a pg test and turned out neg but it was a cheapy. Does that matter? Best wishes! Please keep us informed.


Hopeful - December 13

Ok so now i'm totally confused....i had intercourse with my b/f this afternoon. Took a little nap with him cuz he works 3rd shift. When i woke up (sorry if tmi) i went to the potty along with the s____n that came out so did a little of blood mixed in. I have AF cramps but here's the prob...i'm not supposed to start until tuesday (11/15) and this blood isn't like my usual blood it's like light red and very runny and only there when i wipe like every other time i go pee. Could i still b pg? And maybe this is spotting? Please help


... - December 13



Christine - December 14

Well is it going...did you get AF or are you still hanging in there?...


Hopeful - December 14

Christine.....yes i think it's my AF only it came on monday..two days early. Today it is so so so heavy and very clotty...sorry if tmi. I dunno i still have all the veins in my legs arms and b___bs. So i dunno...i'm hoping that there's still a chance. Wish me luck and that it's not an early miscarriage. Thanks for checking on me Christine


Christine - December 15

Good luck hopeful...and there still is a possibility..though I dont like the sounds of the clotting...just keep your head up and remember there is still time to keep trying...


Hopeful - December 16

Ok so the heavy period stopped on it's just brown spotting...those aren't signs of an early miscarriage are they? Do u think i could still b pregnant? Or is something else still wrong? I still have the veins in my b___sts and in my legs and arms? I have no pains anymore though... so i dunno...were all of these just pms symptoms?


bump - December 17



Christine - December 17

To Hopeful: It sounds as if you had your AF...which might not mean you are not pregnant...but probably does...keep trying...It could have been may want to call the doc and have them send you for a blood test...just tell them you didnt have a normal period..they may not send you if you told them it was heavy...good luck and keep posting.



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