Grandpa Viv Zuly Or SOMEBODY I Need Advice Please

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Shadow - December 13

Well, my period was only a few days late, but it only lasted 3 days and was REALLY light except for when I took a pee in the morning or wiped afterwards which was just A LOT of mucus with blood. My "mucus" was still going strong the whole time. Most of my symptoms have lessened except for my hunger, slight random dizzyness, back pain, and I've been even more tired. I slept for 13 hours today! Mostly because I had been so tired before but kept getting woken up by everything and everyone. I'm up for a blood test this coming friday the 17th. Do you guys think I am pregnant? My signals keep getting mixed and I am so confused!


twingle - December 13

Funny, I have had the same thing happen to me this past month. All my HPT's have come up negative, though, and my husband's medical insurance doesn't kick in for another month so I can't get a blood test. :( I'd say possibly pregnant, yes. I take ANOTHER test tomorrow AM, so we will see. My symptoms have lessened too...mostly the fatigue.


Grandpa Viv - December 14

Those are encouraging signs. I don't see why you are talking about mixed signals. If that light period was implantation, you should not place much faith in a test until two weeks have pa__sed.


Christine - December 14

It sounds like a good possibility...hold on to the 17th for your blood test, that she let you know for sure..good luck


Shadow - December 14

Thanks guys. The only reason I said my signals were mixed is because some days I am having less of the symptoms than others....or is that just normal....? I don't think it was implantation bleeding because I haven't had s_x in 2 weeks and I think I concieved before that.


Shadow - December 14

Come to think of it I have only been having the symptoms for a short few weeks...


janet - December 14

i always get my period at different times every month and i am trying to have a baby.. how do i know if and when i am ovulating ? i am having s_x every day and every other day so i can end up pg. does that sound crazy? or am i doing the right thing? some one please help. want to have a baby!!


dd - December 14

i was late, 10 days late but them i got it. but i am trying to have a baby and it seems like it is taking for every i usally get pg so fast. but i guess cuz i am older now its taking a little bit longer. we have only been trying this month. but i only got my period for 2 days but i usally only get it for 3 to 4 days. we are doing it everyday just to make sure i get pregnant. is this the right thing to do?


Grandpa Viv - December 14

Shadow, it sounds like you have had symptoms long enough for a test to tell a good story. Janet, your body gives ovulation signs, the most obvious of which is cervical mucus (the stretchy raw egg white stuff at mid cycle). Dd, some say every other day is better, just to let hubby build up his reserves.


Shadow - December 14

I'm thinking when I go in on friday, I should ask for an ultra sound as well because if a blood test doesn't pick up that or if I am pregnant, then I want an ultra sound just to make fully sure. I think I have had the symptoms a bit too long for it to be nothing...


Zuly - December 21

Hi Shadow have you had your ultra sound yet. And if you did what happened.


Shadow - December 22

I had a blood test and it was neg., but I am still having my symptoms...



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