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confused 2 - August 25

Last mth. I had my period which was 2 days late and this mth which is Aug. I had my period also, but I feel and really think that I might be pregnant even though I am having my period. I went to the doctor 2 wks. ago, took a p/t and it came back neg. Is it possible that I could be pregnant.


confused 2 - August 25

Just a little more info. 5 days before my period this mth. (August) I had this really bad cramping in the lower part of my stomach that was so painful it kept me up ALL night. I don't know what this could have been but i've NEVER felt this pain before, it even made me cry for a little bit, just a lil bit. A week before that I ovulated and had terrible pain that caused me to go to the doctor also but the doctor explained to me that it was just my egg dropping at that time.


helping - August 25

it could be just your body getting ready 4 af or it could be a misscarriage if you were pregnant, or you could be pregnant and have an eptopic pregnancy or it could be nothing. many woman are pregnant and have their periods. If you think your pregnant listen to your body so to the dr. ask for a hcg level to be tested and an ultrasound to see if your pregnany and if so to make sure you are not having an eptopic pregnancy. hope this helps some. let me know how it all works out. good luck


bump - August 29



Grandpa Viv - August 29

Well, if you ovulated in August you can't be pregnant from July, right? Are you sure that was ovulation? You can bleed each month during the first trimester, though it is normally lighter than usual. There is a stabbing pain that some women get in pregnancy which has to do with the ligaments that support the uterus stretching. Obviously something has changed, and I don't buy the egg dropping story too easily. You might try another home test now to confirm there is no pregnancy, and next time you experience serious pain I would be back to the doctor. Good luck!



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