Granpa Viv Can You Help Me

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happy - September 26

hi g.v. i have a thread going now, but i am almost desperate for answers at this point. my af was due of the 14th, and i am not 12 days late...which is pretty late. however on the 20th, i got the idea in my head that i was just ovulating, so i had my dh go out and by me some OPK's so i took on that night, and sure enough...positive! i took one yesterday...for whatever reason i dont know, and the line (as i suspected) was lighter than the test line, is that normal? i also should mention that i had an HSG done at the end of august, and my left tube is blocked, do you think that could have delayed my ovulation, and i truly did ovulate late, or do you think that the test was just wrong? at any rate, today i woke up with a horriable stuffy nose, and my entire body hurt so bad (almost like i had one too many drinks last night :o) ), and my br___ts are so sensitive, do you think that i could just be getting close to af, or could i be feeling symptoms of pregnancy already? i hate all of this waiting...and my 2ww, has pretty much turned into a 4ww, and i am still waiting for my doctor to call me back. thank you so much for your thoughts on all of this. take care, and after you post, could you check back once more, so that if your answer prompts anymore questions, i can ask them? thanks again granpa viv, and take care!


happy - September 26

lol...i said i am not 12 days late, and i meant i am NOW 12 days got to love em :o)!


happy - September 26

just bumping it up...thanks g.v. for any advice on this.


happy - September 26

g.v...are you not around the site anymore? your help is greatly appreciated...sorry if i seem impatient, but my doc still hasnt gotten back to me.


curious - September 26

is grandpa viv a doctor... why r everyone calling her for advice? just curious


misti - September 26

grandpa viv is a man and hes not a doctor chedk out his web site it will explain it all


v - September 26

Hi there, I just wanted to let you know that on another thread Grandpa Viv said he was going to be out of town for six weeks beginning this week and therefore wouldn't be able to answer questions until he got back. I am sorry about that, I know how hard waiting can be.


curious - September 26

misti thanks for the info, i am pretty new to this site, so was wondering, i am kinda hooked up to this site of late coz am 1 week late for af, my hubby and I ttc for the 1st time, so lets dust...


misti - September 27

your welcome im pretty new too ive only been on here since july snd i love it!!! good luck


happy - September 27

hi v...thanks for the info about grandpa viv...i guess that i will check back a little later then, or hopefully be able to remember my question for him.


happy - September 28

just bumping this up for g.v...also so that i can keep track of it so that i can keep an eye on it for when he returns



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