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stephanie - February 10

I am 25 days later last period was on dec16th and was due on Jan16th period was a no show and still not here yet..we have been ttc since october ...tired..backache..headaches..itching all over my skin..weird cramps in the lower pelvic area..very moody..3 negative tests i am so confused went to the docs feb4th got a urine test she said it might be too early to tell..i am having so may symptoms though its unreal..I took an EPT yesterday morning still negative..! Today 2/10 i awoke with the weirdest rednees in my left eyes had no iration to it what so ever the day before or anything and it still red what could this mean?? Weird hugh! ..Hoping to go get a blood test done next week..but has anyone herd of the eyes turning red and its only in the corner!!


bp - February 10



sam - February 10

Hi stephanie thanks for responding to my it does seem like we are in the same boat.....I was actually doing some research on the net about uncommon pregnancy symptoms and came across a "B-List" of symptoms....believe it or not redness of the eyes was in it....I believe the site was storknet or something...I'll try to find it again and reference you to it!!! Anyways a little history about me, LMP was dec 10th , so I figure if I am pregnant I would be 9 weeks tomorrow...going to the doc on the 15th, hopefully some good news for me....Do U have any more symptoms??? I have taken 3 HPT's....the last one about 2 weeks ago and 2 were negative with the last having a very faint positive line after the allotted time....This is why I am confused....If I had to look at my symptoms I would say that I am probably 90% sure I am pregnant...but the other 10% scares me to death.....Good Luck For You hopefully we can wait together


Grandpa Viv - February 10

Blood vessel building is an essential part of establishing a pregnancy. It usually shows up on the b___bs, sometimes on the sides of the belly, in the v____al area, very occasionally as a blush on the cheeks, and now you want to add an eye! Let me guess that you had a weak blood vessel in the corner of that eye, and it started leaking as all the other blood vessel changes took place. Your signs sound good. A quant_tative blood test a week from now will be definitive, but you might try another urine test since a week has pa__sed since the last one. Good luck!


stephanie - February 12

well yeah my eye thing was so weird to me i had no idea it could be a sign so you think i should wait another week before i go and get a blood test! Oh dredding that waiting game but that's newest symptom was that red eye which is now gone like poof so i dont know what that was about but i am itching so bad from dry skin i have been since begging of jan....oh and sam i know how it is just waiting feel free to IM me anytime to talk.. my screen name is shortil0ves2race on AOL so goodluck n thanks grandpa viv!! i will keep everyone posted...<3


midwifery_natalie - February 12

your eyes are probably bloodshot from all ythe stress you are having trying to concieve. some people just dont have positive home pregnancy tests. blood test would probably confirm your suspicions. after all, your signs are amazing. however, dont be heartbroken if your not pregnant. it has beenknown for women who are so badly trying to conciebve for their body to start showing signs of pregnancy even if they are not. hope that has been soe help.



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