Granpa Viv Please Help

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kellie - October 15

i get the odd period pain and my period isnt due. i spent a few days last week feelin sick but not being sick and have been so tired all i have wanted to do is sleep. i wake up in the night and i am going to the loo all the time sometimes not long after i have just been. i have lost my apet_te and i get a bit light headed now and again. i wouldnt know if i was pregnant as i didnt atke a break from the pill the last two months as i was on holiday for both due dates and didnt want to ruin my hols. please could someone tell me if they think i could be pregnant im 19 and dont want to talk to my family about it they have joked about my belly gettin rounder. i am due for my next period is due in 4 days. thankyou!


kellie - October 15

i also have cold like symptoms but dnt acctualy feel ill.


get real - October 16

dont be so stupid you cant get pregnant on the pill. grow up little girl.


... - October 16

good lord...why do you have to be so mean? she is geniunely concerned! and you can too can pregnant while you are on the pill, i did. if you are so ignorant that you don't know the pill isn't 100% effective you should probably do some more research. kellie... i got pregnant while i was on the pill. I would suggest you wait until your period is officially late then take an hpt. when you use the pill to skip periods, you should start your period within three days of when you stop taking the pill. that's how it has always worked for me. when you use the pill to skip periods, i would suggest taking an hpt a few days after your period was due just to be sure anyway because if you do end up pregnant and continue to take the pill it could harm the baby. but also remember this: the reason you skip your period when you keep taking the pill is because the pill tricks your body into thinking it is already pregnant, so it is possible to get a few symptoms.don't stress about it until you miss your period. there is no sense in putting yourself through that. good luck kellie, and don't listen to the negative things people say...some people seem to think they know everything when they actually don't know anything.


jen - October 18

to "get real" get off this site if you an only say nasty things! i also think i am pregant but am on the pill. is nipples being sore and skin around them flaking a sign? i also have morning sickness and a hard stomach. i have used the pill to skip three periods in a row.


Grandpa Viv - October 18

Kellie and Jen, you are both complaining of early signs of pregnancy, but they are most likely caused by your bodies being confused by overdosing on hormones. Give the hormones a break. They were not intended for use in this fashion. Don´t a__sume you are pregnant and quit any kind of birth control - that is a quick way to get pregnant even if you are not now. You both need to take a home preg test to find out what is going on for sure. Good luck!


r - October 18

my mum got pregnant on the pill sometimes it doesnt work


shut it - October 18



jen - October 18

thanks granpa viv. "shut it" who is that for? this girl obviously just asked a normal question why is there so much childish behaviour on this site.



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