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magic - December 28

I had my last period Dec 4th - 7th, I wiped today and there was brown blood I put on a tampon same think. I had sore br___t about 2 weeks ago... and I'm tired all the time now. could this be implantantion bleeding or another period for Dec ? Please all comments are welcome.... oh yeah I'm peeing every 30 mins


Nichole - December 28

Hi! It could be your period... wait and see if it goes away right away, or if it stays for the usual time. It could also be implantation bleeding. It would be about the right time. GrandpaViv... any advice? :-) Good luck!


Grandpa Viv - December 28

The peeing and fatigue and this being the right timing for implantation all add up. The sore b___sts two weeks ago don't fit the picture. January 8th is the first you should think about a home test. Good luck!


Tami - December 28

Well, I think you maybe pregnant that happen to me and I have a beautiful 10 month old baby girl. I know everyone seeks advice from Grandpa but does he/ she really know everything? Oh yeah and I had sore b___st two weeks before as well so you may just be it may not adds up for Grandpa but only time will tell.


Christine - December 29

I tend to sounds possible...some advice..stop using tampons until you find out...many woman bleed some during the early stages of pregnancy...use pads for protection...good luck


magic - December 29

Thanks, Christine I will take your advice hopefully I'll get my BFP.. I'll keep you posted


tina - January 11

hi i was wonder i if i might be pregnant cause twodays ago i had this pinkish blood and then it stop then next day i had alot of cramps and some blood and when i normaly get my peroid it very heavy and use i go in a pather 27 28 28 then back to 27 but this time trying for a baby and i got 4 days earlier then i normaly have so i was wonder is there chance i could be pregnant?



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