Green Tea Here It Is Girls

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Jeanette - December 1

Women who drank more than one-half cup of tea per day had a significant increase in fertility. Drinking one-half cup or more of tea daily approximately doubled the odds of conception per cycle, compared with non-tea drinkers. Most of this association was driven by (conceptions occurring in) the first three cycles, and there did not appear to be any relation in subsequent cycles. Tea contains two different types of compounds, polyphenols and xanthines, each of which are believed to contribute to the development of healthy eggs and embryos. The study results also show that the women who consumed the most tea had significantly higher energy and fat intakes than women who drank less tea. American Journal of Public Health (1998;88(2):270-274) COMMENT: The study is not clear about which type of tea to drink, but I would clearly recommend green tea with no sugar or milk. If you are healthy, raw honey would be fine. Black tea is simply oxidized green tea and is not as healthy for you. Hope this helps!!


Christina - December 1

Thanks Jeanette...I think I will pick some green tea up tomorrow!!


Jeanette - December 1

I know Christina, LOL! Maybe thats why I have 3 kids! I've been drinking it for years!!


Jeanette - December 1

Oh yeah, if you girls like iced tea as opposed to hot tea, Lipton's got a green tea bag specially for iced tea. BabyDust all!!


Melody - December 1

Does green tea have caffeine?


Becky - December 1

I love green tea i found this out when we were trying for my DD and have gotten hooked.Yes green tea has caffine but not much.


Jeanette - December 1

Melody, green tea has half the caffeine of regular tea, and way less than coffee or soft drinks. My OB doc said I could have 1 gla__s a day while pg.


Deb - December 2

I drank green tea every day for five months when I was ttc, and had no luck. The month I got pregnant, I had switched to Rooibos (pronounced roy-boss) tea. It is a red tea from South Africa and the antioxidants in it are 50 times stronger than green tea. And it is naturally caffeine-free. It also provides many other health benefits that green tea doesn't. Do an internet search of it and you will find out how amazing it is. I used Tetley vanilla rooibos from the grocery store. It was tasty (I would add a little milk) and I am convinced that it is what helped me get pregnant! Give it a try!



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