Green Tea Worked For Anyone

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Jamie - March 4

Hi, I understand green tea is very good for getting better CM. Anyone vouch for that? Also, if it has, what brand do you use, or do you buy the variety you have to brew yourself? Please share your info


Estee P - March 4

I've been drinking green tea for a couple of months (ugh!!) and haven't gotten pregnant yet (tried every month at the right time). But then I could have other problems too, so it's really hard to say. But whether it does help with getting better mucus or not, I do know that it is good for your overall health, so don't stop drinking it anyway. Good luck! Oh, and I buy the loose tea bags. I don't think you will know the make that I use because I'm not in the US.


Jamie - March 4

Thanks Estee. Yeah, with us, we might need to have dong quai, green tea, robitussin, donkeys' bollocks!!!! and everything else this month i will try robitussin and baby aspirin --anyone tried baby aspirin without their doctor's recommendation?


Estee P - March 4

Oh dear, I've used them all!!!! He he! I've been on dong quai too! I also use an equivalent of Robitussen (I use Benylin because I'm in South Africa and we don't have Robi but the ingredient that you want is Guaifenesin, and my variant also contains that). And sadly, no pregnancy yet! But I do have positive news: I've told one of my fellow ttc girlfriends what I've read about Dong Quai and the Guaifenesin syrup and green tea, and I also got her on it, and after one month's try she was preggo! So I think it works for normal women (I'm having other problems too that could be what's preventing conception with me). What's the deal with baby aspirin, I haven't heard that one before? What you also need to do to improve your cervical mucus, is to drink lots of water and eat some salty food along with the cough syrup. Apparently that is exactly what the mucus should be: a bit salty, very watery but also stretchy. Also make sure that your vitamin supplement contains zinc and iron, because if you have a deficiency in those you could have probs. If you about read any other tips, SHARE girlfriend! I'll try anything these days! :-) Bye.


Tee - March 4

My Auntie told me to try Geritol (??). I am going to try that this month.. And see what happens.


Estee P - March 4

And I'm presuming that everybody knows this, but in case there's someone out there who really doesn't know anything yet about the trying to conceive rules, you need to take your Folic Acid too, to prevent spinal problems with your baby. This is recommended by the government! Also drink it throughout the pregnancy.


- March 4

what is cm?


Ana - June 13

I was wondering if I can drink green tea if I'm b___stfeeding? Thanks


kd - June 13

Green Tea does have caffiene. Here is an article about caffiene and b___stfeeding:



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