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Shanna - May 30

Ok ladies, have a 5 month old, took a test this morning since I am very late and it came back positive, Lord help me!! anyway, I was running to the bathroom yesterday, everything I ate kept coming out.. figured I have a stomach virus so I took pepto bismol tablets and then this morning after I took the test, thought, oh no, looked it up on the computer and all the web sites say not to take that. think just taking it once would hurt anything? and why do i have these period-like cramps? don't remember this with my daughter. thanks!!


Celia - May 30

Taking it the one time shouldn't hurt anything so i wouldn't stress. Women often take meds during early pregnancy before they know they are pregnant. I did have the period type cramps with my first but with this pregnancy the pains and pressure are more severe which has had me worried. I mention it to my Dr at every visit and he always does an internal exam and rea__sures me everything is fine. He says that alot of women will have more pain/cramping with each pregnancy and it's normal. If it really bother's you, call your Dr and tell him about it. They did a ultra sound to make sure everything was ok because of my cramping. It will ease your mind if nothing else. congrats and hope you have a happy, healthy 9 months!


Emma2 - May 30

Don't worry about the pepto its not the worst thing you can take. I had some cramping like AF during the 1st trimester too.


dedaa - May 30

Well I am pretty sure u r ok. I think that is meant for those who take it regularly.As for the cramps every pg is different i learned that with my last one. If you r concerned though just speak to your doctor about it. I have two children already the first pg all i had was a big belly not symptoms whatsover i did not even know that i was in labor at the end of it. The second pg everything was happening to me I was speaking to my docotor alot but he was very understanding and he was always willing to answer any questions. So don`t worry just ask your doctor is something worries u.


Shanna - May 30

thanks ladies, hate the queasy feeling, started yesterday. 1st trimester was not fun with my daughter, and I worried over every little thing, looks like i'm gonna worry just as much with this one!!



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