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Liz23 - April 14

Hi, I have been taking Mucinex and I am unsure of exactly when I should start taking it and stop taking it? Has anyone every used Guaifenesin to help aid cervical mucus? I tried last month but got my period today! So I am wondering exactly when and how I should take this stuff, any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.


esha - April 14

Sorry, I've never heard of that. why are you taking it? Excuse my ignorance, what do u mean help aid cm?


Lin - April 14

Guaifenesin does not increase your chances of becoming pregnant, it just thins out your cervical mucous. The chances of becoming pregnant in the best of circ_mstances each month is only around 20-25%, so there's no reason to expect a pregnancy from using it. Sorry to hear about af's arrival. Best of luck next month!


SweetP - April 14

Actually, the thinning of cervical mucus, for women with hostile cervical mucus, can be helpful in increasing odds of pregnancy. BUT, if you've got normal, fertile quality CM, then taking it to increase the amount that you have isn't going to help you much. Here's a great link with some infor about it: and also: These are reputable sites and the info on this topic is covered in depth. Good luck!


Lin - April 14

Actually, that's not really true. Hostile mucous is usually an issue of pH, and Guaifenesin is not going to change that. It wiil, however, help people who are short on ewcm. But yes, it will increase the chances for those with little to no cm to help bring them closer to normal.


Liz23 - April 15

Hi Ladies, thanks so much for responding to my post. The reason I am taking it is because I don't seem to get enough EWCM. I do get some but very little and I was told taking Guiafenesin would help thin what mucus I already had. I am just confused on when I should start taking it and for how long? Thanks, take care.


kelley32 - April 15

I tried it last cycle and started on CD 10, O,d on CD16 then stopped it the next day. I must say that I feel that it did not increase EWCM, it actually decreased it, but I got pregnant that cycle. I don't know if it's coincidence or not, but I would definitely recommend trying it.



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