Gurgling Popping Sensation A Sign

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Me :o) - August 27

Experiencing this in my lower abdomen just now-AF due in a few days time. Is this just body getting ready for AF or has anyone else had this as a pregnancy sign? Is a weird sensation-bot sore just weird! Like little pops and gurgles going on in lower abdomen. Slight dull ache around avaries too-more of a heavy sensation not sore though.


Me :o) - August 27

Anyone? If I'm wasting my time and is just AF dont be afraid to say do! ;o) just want to be preggo so much (been trying a long time now) cheers


Emily - August 27

Im sorry I have not heard of this happening. Is it like cramping sort of? I know that sometimes during implantation bleeding you ca have some pain in your ovaries. Good luck


Krista - August 27

I've had that for a little while. I was very ga__sy, which was causing my stomach to feel like that. Are you having a lot of gas? That can be a really good sign! Now my stomach feels like someone punched it. How many dpo are you? I would wait a couple days, see if any other symptoms pop up, and if not and its still bothering u, u might want to see a doctor. It could be cysts.


Me :o) - August 28

Thanks for your responses-It's not cramping it's a dull sensation around my ovaries it comes and goes. The gurgling and popping stopped again-I have been a bit ga__sy maybe it is gas I suppose. I do get ga__sy during AF though so is hard to tell if is a possible sign! I am 11 DPO. AF due mid-week. I had some clearish dishcharge today, just a little bit. (no smell though and no irritation) Isn't this waiting terrible! Krista how many DPO are you? Thanks again. I guess I'll know either way in a few days as per usual!


r - August 28

ur ovulating hun i am today and i have the same things


L - August 29

she already said she's 11 days past ovulation and her period is due in a couple of days! i dont think shes ovulating! i think it sounds like period symptoms-sorry me hope you get a bfp next month though!



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