Had Period For A Day And A Half Spotted Then Stopped

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shannon - November 2

I had my period for almost 2 days ans then I stopped.....maybe a little spotting but really more of a light abrownish red..........could I be pregnant?


suzan - November 4

Hi ! Shanon same problem is here .me and my husband we had unprotected s_x and now this month i had periods for two days and not heavy and i feel somthing in my stomech also ..i don't know if i'm pregnant.


ray - November 4

this sounds like implantation bleeding so take a test and see what this tells you hope this helps love ray xxx


Viv - November 4

I agree with Ray, especially if you were having unprotected s_x a week or two before. Look for other early signs of pregnancy in the next few days. Wait until after your period is due before taking a test.


Vivi - November 4

I am 6 weeks pregnant and I had a period that lasted a day, just like you described. I got my first positive test 6 days after that one day period episode.


steph - November 5

Hi -- I have been thinking that I may be pregnant, I had a little bit of brown spotting about a week and a half or two weeks after I thought we would have conceived. I have been feeling pretty different and something is just making me think that I am pregnant. I was going to take another test this weekend, I think I took the others too early -- I had my last period anywhere between the 20 and 29th of Sept. But this morning I woke up and I am bleeding. Can I still be pregnant? I don't feel like I normally feel when I have a normal period, but I don't know now. I was so down this morning when I woke up and realized that, should I just wait and see how it goes whether or not it lasts the whole time or whether it seems normal or not. I still feel like I am, but I don't want to just be getting my hopes up either. I have been really ga__sy and burping alot, last night I almost threw up cause I was burping so much just after a chicken salad. I really want to have a baby -- we weren't planning it, but would be blessed to have one! Let me know what you think.


steph - November 5

just a side note -- those aren't my only symptoms I have written before to viv about this to see what she though, but all of it was before I started bleeding this morning. Please --- any advice...I am pretty down about the whole thing


Miky - November 6

Steph, I am experiencing the exact same thing, have many symptoms, last period 18 sept, and now have a light period? but like u, I dont feel like I do when I come on? I ussually have really bad period pain, now nothing? just light bleeding?I am going to wait and see if this turns out to be a normal period, if not then I am going back to the doctor. I know how you feel I was disapointed too, hang in there and I will cross my fingers for us both. Good luck


Dee - November 6

I'm looking all over for people who have their periods and still be pregnant. I have almost all the symptoms of pregnancy...my b___sts have increased 1" plus around (popping out of my current size D bras!!!!), extremely tender (especially the nipple and expecially after taking off my bra), tingling like pins and needles in my nipples, areolas dark, Montgomery tubercles, nausea, near vomiting, extremely tired, bloated? or my belly is growing, constipation, you name it I got it. Now I have had 2 periods (from the time I suspected pregnancy). The first was light, bleeding for 1 day and then brownish discharge. The second, odd pink, mucousy to brownish then bleeding for a day then stopped. My normal period is usually 5-7 days from start to finish. I have had two people, co-worker and relative neighbor just ask me if I was pregnant........they said I looked like I am. My bf says I definitely look like I"m pregnant. He's defnintely enjoying the new b___st size, and I've tried to restrict him from the even breathing on them, they are so sore. LOL What do ya'll think? I keep saying well I'm getting my periods, so it can't be possible (just like so many doctors say it just can't be possible **yeah right**). But I can't help this feeling deep down in my gut that I am definitely pregnant


Sherri - November 6

Dee, I've heard of women who have light bleeding/spotting throughout a pregnancy. Have you done a pregnancy test yet?


Ash - November 6

Dee-It sounds like you have every sign in the book. Don't let those "kinda" periods throw you off. If you feel prego, than you probably are. I have heard of women who continue to have periods during pregnancy, although they usually stop during the first trimester. Come back and let us know what happens! Good luck!!


Steph - November 8

Miky -- I am glad to hear that someone else is going through the same things! I am still bleeding, but last night it was almost done -- weird, I have yet to check this morning, but i definietly don't feel like i am menstruating. I don't know at this point, I am tired of wondering, so I am treating it like I am not pregnant, unless something comes along that I simply cannot ignore. Thanks for your thoughts!! I will be praying for you! :)


Ann - November 8

I am in the same boat... I am about 11 days late, but I have no irregular signs or symptoms... my b___sts are no more tender than usual and actually no cramping or anything... I am concerned though because my partner and I had a condom break and now I started lightly spotting.... not a normal period for me at all -- usually pretty heavy...


Miky - November 8

Hi GIRLS, well I have stopped the light bleeding I was having and the nurse has booked me in to see the doctor, tomorrow morning, I will let you know what happens! steph, has your bleeding become like a normal period? I still have hopes for you and I!


E - November 8

Bump. Everyone, help me with the bumps please.


veronica - November 21

I am only 16 weeks, but there have been several times that my nipples get hard and hurt,alot. it even wakes me at nite, is this normal?


Anne - November 21

Shannon- Had the same experience this week, very light, almost non-existant period for about two days. Too nervous to take a test though! But I do know that what you experienced does mean that the 'baby' was 'burrowing' into your uterine wall.



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