Had Period For A Day And A Half Spotted Then Stopped

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Anne - November 21

Shannon- Had the same experience this week, very light, almost non-existant period for about two days. Too nervous to take a test though! But I do know that what you experienced does mean that the 'baby' was 'burrowing' into your uterine wall.


Franks1234 - September 11


I posted this on a separate forum as well, but I found this one that is more active.

My husband and I are not trying for our first, but we are not preventing either.  We figure if it happens, it happens.  However, some strange things have been going on for the last week or two that have me wondering if I could be pregnant.

I was scheduled to start on Sept 4 but started what I thought was my period on Sept 2 instead.  I bled moderately for one day and the second day mainly spotted. That was it!  It usually lasts for 3 to 5 days. On the 6th I spotted.  This is when I started to wonder because I never spot.

On the 6th, I also started feeling nauseated...Like intense!  Felt car sick driving down the road.  The smell of some chili my husband made sent me running to the bathroom.  Hot tea made me feel bad.  Even reading some graphic content about hog hunting nauseated me.  This was the only symptom for about 3 or 4 days.  Then I got cold and sinus symptoms which have since gotten much better.  They are still there, but nothing like it was to begin with. Same with the nausea.  It's still there, but not as intense.  My resting heart rate has also jumped during this time from 68 to 75.  The max I hit during ovulation is 73ish.

Oh yeah.  I also had a few heat flashes and spent one of the days feeling flushed all day long.

I have taken pregnancy tests all which have come out negative.  My hubbs made me to go the doctor on  Sept 8, this also came out negative, but the Doc said it may be too early to tell.  So my question is, does this sound like pregnancy symptoms and I am just testing too early?


Franks1234 - September 11

Oh and did any of you ladies end up being pregnant?


Grandpa Viv - September 11

It sounds like there is still a chance. No unusual fatigue, more frequent peeing, breast and nip signs, emotions, veins more noticeable? One more test a week after the last, then start worrying about what else might be going on. 


Franks1234 - September 12

I have more tired lately.  Today has been this worst thus far.  My breasts are not sore but feel different...Heavier.  I am not busty so I've never experienced heaviness in them before.  No emotions yet, just a bit grumpy from not feeling well and being tired.  I will test in another week and update.

Last week the doctor checked my white blood count and it was normal, so he doesn't think it is any type of infection...



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