Had Tubes Clamped Feel Preg But Get Results

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chazzy418 - November 21

Hi, I need some advice please. I had my tubes tied 4 in a half years ago. My last period was 2 months ago on 9/15/06. A mother of 2 boys, I do know what the pregnancy signs are. My br___t are swollen, leaking and sore, I sleep sooo much now aday, I have heartburn, major burping, shortness of breath, dizziness, and my stomach looks like I am 5 months pregnant, and hard as a rock, butterflies but no not sharp pains. All these symptoms have gotten worse in the last month alone. I have taken so many HPT, I actually lost count of how many, and took 3 blood tests and they wer ALL (-). When I first went to the dr., (OB/GYN) and explained everything, she said I am a posterboard for a pregnant woman, and my uterus feels swollen too. She did a number of tests on me, and they all came back normal. I have seen on these forums before that some woman do not get positive results with any HPT or blood test, but when given a ultra sound, they can a baby, or a cyst or whatever the promblem maybe. I asked my doctor for a ultrasound and she said, there is just no way I am pregnant, because of the blood test, well I explained what I read, and she said that a blood test is more than accurate. She tried to perscribe me Provera to force a period, but I refuse to take them, unless I get a ultrasound first. Provera can really harm a baby, and even though I was never expected to be in this situation again, I will not harm my baby in any way. I told her let me see an empty uterus, and I will take the pills, and all she says is that there is no reason to, because she never had a patient that showed up pregnant only on a u/s. I am going to my family dr. next week, so I am hoping he will order me a u/s, I am pretty sure he will, he never did me wrong before. I never asking for a u/s would be soo difficult. Please if anyone had their tiubes tied, or keep having negative results but truly feel pregnant, please write back, with your in put. Thank YOU!!


BeckyBunny - November 21

You need a different doctor. I would have dumped that one the first time she refused the u/s. That's the only way you're really going to know what's going on. good luck, keep us posted.


chazzy418 - November 21

Thank you for writing me. I know I need a different one, I am a believer in giving second chances to people, but I gave this dr. a hundred second chance, thats why i am going back to my family doctor on the 30th. Start fresh all over again. I make jokes to my husband, that I may never finded out what is wrong til I finally go into labor, and pop a baby out, if I really am pregnant. He don't think that is funny at all, lol.I can't really wait that long, I want answers like 2 months ago. How are you?


BeckyBunny - November 21

I'm doing ok, we are in the ttc game, thanks for asking. I have met people who said they didnt know they were pregnant until they went into labor...don't know how that is possible, lol. I know what you mean about wanting answers. I guess if something starts kicking you from the inside you'll know. =P I do know that tubes can come untied...but it's not supposed to be for like 7 years.


time4more - November 21

ok, my doc wants me to take provera too... i'm 10 days late (aside from a spot when wiping yesterday)...prob due to late ovulation, but i'm late even for that at this point... i'm having total preg symptoms...all my hpts have been neg and hcg blood test is neg too. I can handle it that I'm not pregnant. But 1- where is AF? and 2- what is causing the symptoms???? And why is my doc prescribing provera w/o even an office visit??? youre right an ultrasound would show if there were cysts, etc....


DownbutnotOUT - November 21

Hey chazzy you sound like me in July and August except I got a faint faint positive on a HPT and it turned out an ovarian cyst I had was acting up. I didnt have a period for July or August not until Sept 3! Also I had very similar symptons to pregnancy but a u/s showed an empty uterus but a 2.3 cm ovarian cyst.


chazzy418 - November 22

See that's why I want an u/s. After all my research I have it boiled down to either being pregnant or a cyst. Maybe I will eventually be able to find out the answer. How are you feeling now? What do they do if it is a cyst.? Take care.


kay76 - November 22

hi chazzy, I agree with everyone here about getting a 2nd or even 3rd opinion. At least someone should be enough of a doctor to want to find out WHAT is wrong??? I have a friend who has 3 small children and had her tubes tied. She just got pregnant (definitely not trying too) 3 months ago. It can happen.


chazzy418 - November 22

Thank you. I am trying. It is funny I never thought about ever having another baby till now. I have two boys, I always thought I would have a girl, who knows maybe now is the time. It won't bother me if I am not though. I just needs answers, wish me luck. I amtrying to fight my promblems today to get ready for tomorrow, so Have a great Thanksgiving girls! I am going to sure try.


Emily - November 22

I can't belive she wont give you an u/s at least to check for a s cyst. Good luck at your fam doc. Let us know how it goes!


chazzy418 - November 22

I will, thank you!


DownbutnotOUT - November 23

Hey Chazzy for me my cyst actually burst, it was first discovered the about the 21st of June and it was still there on August 13 and it even got a little bigger. i think it was around the time I ovulated in september it burst and it was so painful but I ended up preggers that month too. I had a u/s at around October 6 and it was gone. I think maybe the reason it burst is because an egg was finally released from that side. i would demand to get a u/s done so you know what is going on, oh ya some cysts need surgery to remover them. good luck to you


chazzy418 - November 24

You know, my sister just found out she was pregnant and she is like 11 weeks, since I been feeling this way for about that long, I felt her belly, and let me tell you, I am sooo much, bigger and harder then hers.(Heck yesterday at Thanksgiving dinner, my family kept saying you look lke you are 5 months pregnant, and I know I am not.) I am beyond scared to death now. I never had a cyst before, so here is a stupid question, how do you know if a cyst burst? Did you have to go to the ER? Sorry, I just trying to prepare myself, in case I can't get a dr. to help me out. Thank you for you input. Take care!



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