Happy Valentines Day IM PREGNANT

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AmySmoak - February 15

Congrats! Happy amd Healthy 9 months!!


hapistuff - February 15

Here's to a Happy and Healthy 9 months!!!!!


krismit - February 15

Thanks everyone!!! My DH knew that I was testing. Since I was only a day late he wanted to wait a little longer but I wanted to know for Vday. So I tested. He plows snow and we had a blizzard here in Ohio so he was going on 36 hours of no sleep so, I woke him up from his cat nap and said HAPPY VALENTINES DAY YOU"RE GOING TO BE A DADDY!!! He was a little suprised just because we weren't trying this month but we have been trying the past 2 months before that. He was thrilled. THis is our first. We have been married 6 months and together for 6 years. Thanks again and GOOD LUCK to everyone TTC. If you don't concentrate and stress on it so much and just enjoy eachother THATS when it will happen!! SERIOUSLY:)


VenusdiMilo - February 15

Ok Krismit, I’m happy for you and everything but I have to say “I hate when people make comments like what you just did” Different strokes fro different folks!!! I enjoy my DH a WHOLE lot but we’re not pregnant yet….and I’m DEFINITELY not stressed…I just want to plan my pregnancy…that’s all. I’m not starting an argument…it’s just that your comment struck a nerve. Good luck though and *~*~*~*~*~*~* Sticky Baby Dust *~*~*~*~*~*~*


krismit - February 16

hi venus!! I am sorry that I upset you!! I found that when I stopped doing the opks and green teas and robitussin and all that and did NOTHING!! Thats when it happened. When I was trying and telling other women who had already got pregnant or had children what I was doing to get pregnant,they told me just take a month and stop all that and just do the bd'ing whenver you are in the mood. So thats what I did!! It was just nice to enjoy the spur of the moment excitement. I am really sorry If it seemed like I was telling you guys what to do!!! I truly am, I know you all love your DH's and DB's. and I know that the situations are different for everybody especially if you already know that there are fertility problems or just coming of birthcontrol and so on. So I APPOLOGIZE FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!! Lots of Baby Dust to you all!!!


VenusdiMilo - February 16

It’s okay Krismit….I guess my hormones are a little wacky right now as well LOL!! Enjoy your pregnancy and STOP apologizing…I’m really over it. I wish you a Healthy & Happy Pregnancy….Sticky Baby Dust!!!



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