Has Anybody Ever Had This And Still Had A Healthy Preg

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Need help please - October 26

Please help. I am SO confused. I am sure I am/was pregnant.. I have every symptom talked about including the most telling to me which are br___t soreness/shouting pains/fuller,changes to aereols(growing wider and darker, really weird),and feel sick at food, smells, etc( not all the time, but off and on throughout the day),tired,and my stomache is literally harder and bloated( I've been the same size for years and years and now I can't fit in anything just the last week or two).......anyway. I had a reg. period on Sept 12th....then about two weeks ago bleed for only 1 1/2days (not normal at all in length or consistency, mostly brown)...But now I am bleeding again only two weeks later......it started late last night and is already getting less, but still happening. The strangest part is " I STILL have all the symptoms" where if this was a normal period, my br___t should go back to normal and feel soft again and not hurt anymore. Has anyone ever had bleeding.....and still just known they are pregnant and it turned out they are ??? Any help would be appreciated.Thank You!!!!!


Viv - October 26

It's possible


K - October 26

A lot of women have had bleeding during pregnancy, especially during the first few mnths. See a doctor as soon as you can and get a test as well as prenatal care.You should always mention bleeding in pregnancy to your doctor just to be on the safe side.


m - October 27

You really sound like you are pregnant. And it is possible to bleed. Either by way of implantation bleeding, or a mock period, which some women have even though they are pregnant. Try taking a hpt, and/or get a blood test performed. Good luck.


m - October 27

oh, and K gave you some good advice, see your doc.


Help please - October 27

Thank You for your advice and answering..i will do just that. Thanks again



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