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ket1919 - February 2

I have a few questions that I'm not sure that I can find the answer to on the web so I was hoping that someone here could help me out with them....... I was wondering if anyone on here had or has ever heard of someone gettting their full period twice and only seven days apart? This happened to me in December I got my period seven days earlier than it was supposed to come it started on December 21st and the last day of it was on December 24th then seven days later I started my period again on December 31st and the last day of it was on January 3rd, I'm not thinking that this could be a sign of pregnancy or anything but rather I was also wondering if since my period seemed to come twice like that would anyone think that I should not expect to get my period this month? I'm so confused on this. I've never had a period do this before. It's so hard to understand I guess why it did that and if I should even be looking out for my period to show up this month. Oh and one more thing I was also kind of wondering that if I should be expecting my period this month because it should of been here on the 31st of January and has not showed yet if I should be getting this type of sometimes clear stretchyish sometimes egg whitish stretchy dishcharge? It goes between that and just water type discharge. If anyone on here can help me with these questions I would appreciate it. I don't care if you can't answer them all if you can answer any of them that would be really helpful to me. Thankyou again.


Naomi98 - February 2

I don't have an answer to your questions I'm afraid - I've never experienced anything like that but if I was you, I'd be heading swiftly to my doctor to get a proper diagnosis. Bleeding like that a week after your last period seems very strange. From the perspective of someone with cervical cancer in the family, I can just say that out of the ordinary mid-cycle bleeding shouldn't be ignored. The other girls might be able to help more.


LadyD - February 2

Sounds like you should take a hpt just to get some a__surance. I've never experienced it before..sorry..but that doesn't sound "normal." I'd pay the dr. a visit also, since this is not something that is "common." Were both "periods" like an actual period or was one shorter, lighter, etc. than the other? Let us know the results & good luck with whatever you want the results to be!!


ket1919 - February 2

LadyD- Yes both periods were normal periods. They both lasted the four days that they normally do. I know that I was not pregnant at that time because of me getting two periods. I guess that I will have to see what happens if I get it this month or if I'am going to skip a month and get it next month...... Thankyou guys for trying to help me answer my questions.....


Sandy81 - February 2

I've read and heard of ppl getting pregnant while having their period.. this being the case.. if this is out the ordianry for you, perhaps you should consider ... Were you ttc? Is it possible that you can be preggo (with the exception of getting a "period")?



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