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Melissa S - May 17

Ok, I will try to be short, I missed my period at the end of march and in april and took two test and they were BFP. Had a blood test and it was neg, Saw the dr and said he did not think I was pregant because my uterus was not soft, Ok, finally got my period three weeks late on april 18th, it was not like my normal peroids at all, more waterery and bright red which my never are and I usually go for 6 to 7 days, this one was only four. It usually gradually stops and this one just stopped all of a sudden, anyhow, I started taking my bc pill again, which I had not had since the end of march since I missed that period and I took all my pills like I should have and now and two days late again. I was never in my life late like this untill I was preggo with my two kids. Now I am soo confused and don't know what to think. Don't want to call dr because I don't want him to think I am crazy. I have been on yasmin for over four years, except when I quit taking them to get pregant with my second, and they have never made me miss. My dr said to go ahead and start the pills after I started so I did and he said it would make me regular again. Anyone have any suggestions? Me and my husband did have s_x while I was not on the pill for those weeks I missed my period. He used the pull method which I know really means nothing. Anyones input would be helpful.


bump - May 17



bumpitybump - May 17



bm - May 17

I have the same concerns


BM - May 18



vanessa - May 18

It is possible that you had a chemical pregnancy and then experienced a miscarriage when you had your late period. It is very, very rare to get a false positive on a HPT. I would say you were pregnant and lost the baby. Sorry to hear that this happened to you.


hi - May 18

i would either go back to your doctor or go to another doctor and ask for a u/s. read grandpa viv's respons on the thread that says something about "upset with doctors - am i crazy" posted today. good luck to you!


Michelle - May 18

I agree with Grandpa Viv go to another doctor.



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