Has Anyone Else Experienced This

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Liane - January 20

Hi! I was wondering if anyone else experienced this: I was due for my period on 1/12, but woke up on 1/10 with pinkish, mucous-like discharge, which stopped about an hour later and never even acc_mulated enough to get onto a pad. I assumed it could be implantation bleeding, or hormonal bleeding which can happen in early pregnancy. But yesterday, 1/19 , more than a week later, I experienced the same thing, which lasted about 20 minutes, and again today for the same amount of time. I have not tested yet since I normally don't get positive results until I miss two periods (if I am pregnant, this would be my third pregnancy). I have been trying to conceive for almost 2 years (it's been 3-1/2 years since my last pregnancy) and my cycle is normally very irregular. I get a period every month, but the date tends to change. I have been consistantly getting my period around the 12th of the month and my last was on December 10th. I have been known to skip before (not often, far few and in between) but I never experienced this before. I also have other pregnancy symptoms including br___t tenderness/soreness and swelling, dizzy/woozy feeling, fatigue, mild cramping with a kind of pulling sensation, and a stuffy nose (I always had a stuffy nose in both prior pregnancies). Has anyone experienced weird spotting similar to mine and had a postive pregnancy test?


courtney - January 20

I know how you feel I'm going throught the same thing also.....I am going to be doing a HPT in a couple of hours so I'll let you know....I also was due for my AF around the 10th of jan but still no show, except a little spotting that went away after a day. I'll post when I find out!!! Good Luck and Best Wishes!!!


courtney - January 20

well I did a HPT and it was negative....so I guess it just isn't my time yet....but oh well good luck to u!!!!


Kidesign - January 21

Liane, Im in a very similar position- My period was due the 15th- 2 days earlier I got a pinkish brown discharge- I spotted for a whole day- only when I wiped. Then I started bleeding for only 1 day and then stopped suddenly. On the third day - late in the day- I got some more pinkish dishcharge. Very strange. From reading the other posts, Im wondering if I had the implantation bleeding. My last pregnancy was twins.. and I remember being surprised at being pregnant because I had my period that month- but it was a short one. Now that Im trying for one more, Im watching for symptoms.. and driving myself crazy. Ive got a white dishcharge, veiny bbs, sore nips, lower back pain, and a weird sensation in my lower abdomen..cant explain it.. its almost like a dull ache. As soon as I had the bleeding, I thought this was over, but the symptoms remain- so maybe my test will show a positive if I wait until the next period is due.. If Im not pregnant, I dont know whats going on with my body! Oh and one last symptom, I have those Montgomery Tubercles ( white looking bumps on my nips) I dont remember them looking so prominent before, but then again, I never used to a___lyze them like I do now! LOL good luck!


Liane - January 23

Well, I finally broke down and took a test, and it was positive!!!! This is odd for me since I usually have to skip 2 periods before getting a positive result, but I guess every pregnancy is different. We've been ttc for almost 2 years (and we haven't used any fertility drugs or methods) so this is exciting for us. We're expecting our 3rd child around October. Best of luck to everyone else, may you be blessed with little blessings soon!


Susan - January 23

Congratulations Liane!! 2 years is a long time to wait :) I'm feeling frustrated after 6 months but your story is very encouraging- wish you lots of luck!



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