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Coopergirl - April 13

Has anyone who has been pregnant experienced this?? Ok, I took an ovulation test and I ovulated around the 28th or 29th I think. My husband and I "baby danced" on the 26th, 28th and 29th. At about 6 DPO I felt odd cramping. It wasn't like AF cramps, which I normally do not get, but it was uncomfortable. I've heard of implantation cramping in reading up on this and I have been peeing more and more since. The cramps only lasted for two days and I've had little twinges off and on. It doesn't hurt when I urinate so I know its not an infection. I took a test on April 11th (2 days before expected AF) and it was negative. I still continue to be tired and pee a lot. Could I still be pregnant? Please help!


HappyAsh - April 13

Since today is the day your period is supposed to come, I would take a test now. Good Luck!!


Coopergirl - April 15

Well took another test yesterday morning and still negative? Still no AF either...I'm confused. What's going on with my body?


clindholm - April 15

Could it have been ovulation cramps that you felt?


Coopergirl - April 15

I'm not sure. I never feel cramping until abour 30 min or an hour before I start AF. Even then I don't always cramp. The ovulation test said I ovulated around the 28 or 29th so...not sure.


SallyRue - April 15

To answer your question in short, you can get false negatives up to a week after a missed period. The longer you wait to test the more accurate it is. There's always a possibility you might have ovulated later than you thought, a day or so, even with a positive opk, i think it tells you you're about to ovulate, maybe in the next 12 hrs? maybe 24 hrs? 36 hrs max? HCG is only produced after implantation takes place, 6-12 days after ovulation, then it takes 2 more days for the hormone to reach detectable levels.When you do the math with the a__sumption that everything was in the late range , you ovulated 36 hrs after +ve opk, then it took 12 days for implantation, and then 2 more days for earliest detection..that's like 16 days from your calculated o time. If you're not usuing a very sensetive hpt brand its possible you're getting a false negative. The signs are promising, cramping 6 dpo and missing a period now ..There could be other reasons why your period is late, like an off cyle or stress or something so plz i dont want you to get your hopes too high, just test again in 2 days using first morning urine..i hope you get your bfp! If its still negative, then maybe you'd want to visit your doc to see what might be the problem or get a blood test. Good luck!


kimberly - April 15

Wait a few days and if you don't get your period retest. It is possible you are still testing too early. Some women test positive right away, other don't. It could also just be a late period though. Good Luck!


Coopergirl - April 15

Thanks. I'll keep you all posted.


Coopergirl - April 15

SallyRue - I was just thinking...given the abosolute latest times of ovulation and implatation, 16 DPO would be today. Today, hypothetically, would be the earliest detection of HGC levels. So how long should I wait to take the next test so that I am sure I waited long enough? Thanks!


Coopergirl - April 15

Ops I meant HCG.


Coopergirl - April 16

Well, cramps are back like at 6 DPO. Lower left side mostly. Nothing demobilizing but noticable. Still no AF...


Coopergirl - April 16

Ok, at 17 DPO now. Is it still too early? A friend of mine, expecting her 4th, said that she can't detect hers until she is at 21 to 23 days. That would put me at Monday or Wednesday of next week. Should I test then or before? Opionions???


SallyRue - April 16

I tested positive with my son after 12 days of a missed period, and even then i got a faint line. like kimberly said "some women test positive right away, others dont" i couldnt wait that long so i took a blood test which came back positive just 1-2 days after my missed period, cant remember the day exactly,but what im certain of is that i kept trying the hpt to see when i would get a positive and i finaly got it after 12 days. Give it a couple more days or you may want to get a blood test to put your heart at ease..i know the wait is crazy. Wish you all the best


Coopergirl - April 16

Thanks! Yeah the waiting is killing me! Gonna test again Monday I think. That's 7 days past my missed period. These cramps are throwing me off too. They're back and painful. Still no AF though. So we'll see. Baby dust!


SallyRue - April 16

Cramps with no AF when ttc is a good sign..i'll keep you in my prayers =) There's this crazy theory (i dont know if its a myth or whatever,but anyway) They say that when you're having a boy the hormone is lower (maybe thats why its taking time?lol) i dont know but it was true with my son..kinda tested late myself. just a crazy theory, who knows if you are pregnant you might be having a boy ...i really really really hope that's the case with you and that you are indeed pregnant.


Coopergirl - April 17

Thanks for your prayers. I am praying my heart out too =). Cramps are less today but still a few twinges here and there in the same area. I hope this is good! No af so far today. Can't wait til next week. Gosh 4 days never seemed so far away...


SallyRue - April 17

I know the feeling..keep us updated. Good luck =)



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