Has Anyone Else Had A Late BFP

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daisy22 - June 22

Hi everyone, I was due for af on June 10th, and its now June 22nd and there has been nothing, not even a spot of blood. Af should have come and gone by now! I def ovulated, ages ago! It seems like a month ago. I have a few symptoms, mainly tiredness and feeling sensitive to smells/pukey. I dont have sore br___ts, at least not as sore as they usually get.. I have taken a few preg tests, i got a very faint positive about 4 days ago which im unsure if it really was a positive, or what.. the others i have taken have shown negative. How long should i wait before seeing my doc? Should i wait a while more.. should i take another test? I haven't taken one for three days. I just find it odd that I have no AF and no BFP. I am so regular usually. Anyway.. has anyone ever experinced this, and what was the outcome? Thanks alot!


jjlo6479 - June 22

Hi Daisy, just wanted to let you know that I am in the same boat. AF was due June 11 and was a no show. Still haven't had any signs of her. I don't really have any symptoms except occasional twinges in bbs and in lower abdomen. I am usually very regular (32day cycle) and have never missed a period. I took an hpt on 6/11, 6/14 and 6/18 all BFN. I started taking meds for low thyroid about six weeks ago, so I am atributing it to that. The confusing part is that one of the side effects of the medicine is to have a MORE regular period. I was regular already!! I'm just wondering if I should test again or just wait until I see the DR for my followup. What do you think?


j. - June 22

i think u both should definitely test again. not everyone is the same and some get their bfp's as early as 10dpo and some as late as weeks into the pregnancy. test test test and keep us posted. good luck.


kimholl28 - June 22

The light positive you had should have really been positive. They say no matter how light it is positive. My friend is 16 weeks right now and when she tested she a__sumed it was a false result because it was really light. Well I had to see it to and it was barely visiable but did have a line. Like I said she was pregnant.


daisy22 - June 23

hmm.. thanks for the advice. I tested again this morning and negative again.. still no af.. sooo frustrating! Le me know how it turns out for you jjlo6479!


jjlo6479 - June 23

Sorry Daisy, this is so frustrating for both of us. I plan on testing tomorrow w/fmu. My best friend just called me yesterday and told me that she is preggos again! She just had her first child 9 months ago! She really wanted me to be pg first but I guess it didn't work out that way. It is so frustrating that it is so easy for some people to get pg and then so difficult for others. Any symptoms Daisy? I will let you know what my test results are. Thank you j and Kim, I hope I'm just a late bloomer w/HCG :) Baby dust to all.


DownbutnotOUT - June 24

ladies pls check this website out about HCG levels! It will help relax you.... http://www.bobrow.net/kimberly/birth/hcglevels.html


littleangel - June 24

hi ladies, i was due my Af on 21 june, i am a 26 cycle, i used to be every 28 days but since i loss my dd in jan at 22wks my cycles have changed. my last AF was 26th may this only lasted around 3 days with brown/pink spotting not what you would call a real period, never thought anything of it. so contiuned b'ing, my af was due 21 june but not arrived i am now on CD30, i have been carrying around tampons in my pocktes just in case she does arrive better to safe then sorry. any way i got two cheap test today, but when i tested it was a negative when i was last pg i used first response., i have been feeling sick and dizzy and i have small cramps in my lower belly, my bb's dont hurt and feeling tired, what i can remember from when i was last pg i felt the same. so what do you think ladies should i wait a few more days to test again? any help would be greatfull. thanks for listening. jo :) baby dust to all.


kclarkadpi - July 5

I'm in the same boat as littleangel. Same symptoms, AF 6 days late. Curious...HOW DID THE REST OF YOU TURN OUT? Did any of you find out that you really were pg? Or did AF rear her ugly head?



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