Has Anyone Ever Had A Bfp 9dpo

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Carrielad - June 29

The waiting is killing me......I've heard you all mention that you like the tests at the dollar tree. Has anyone ever gotten a positive so soon? I know I should wait a few more days, but it's all I can think about! Carrie Oh yeah, I don't use an ovulation kit or temp or anything...can you guys feel when you ovulate?


Rhonda - June 29

You can have ovulation cramps.I got a bfp at 11dpo.Emma2,can explain better to you about ovulation.she is real smart.


sammykjo - June 29

This is my first month ttc and paying attention to everything. I had calculated my ovulation and most fertile time. I got major o pains. I had them for like a day and a half.


Patti - June 29

I also couldn't stand the wait. I got a bfn 9dpo with a First Response. I then got my bfp 11 dpo with a digital. I think it's rare to get a bfp that early, although it has happened. If you don't want the letdown of a bfn, wait. However, I never could stand the wait, so if you really want to test, go for it! Good luck!


Emma2 - June 29

Carrielad, yes it is posible but less likely than getting one at about 12 dpo. Implantation happens anywhere between 6-12 dpo with the average being 9.1 dpo .I would recommend waiting a couple more days . GL


Emma2 - June 29

I was actually able to feel ovulation 1 time because I was paying attention to it. I cant be certain as no one else can as to the stage and process it was at though, because ovulation twinges can be before, after or during!


rhamel - June 29

I can only feel when I ovulate when I'm really in tune with my body... before I had my son I never paid attention to that stuff but ever since I had him I've noticed when I ovulate everytime. I've only used an opk one cycle... this cycle... I got a positive saturday morning and ovulation pain later that day took another test sunday morning and it was negative tested monday morning negative I don't think it's really necessary to buy opks or temp you just have to be in tune with everything that is going on in your body and you will most likey get it right.


Carrielad - June 30

Thanks for all the info guys. I know 9 days after o is too soon, Its just so hard to wait....I'm gonna wait until 11dpo. Thanks again.


rns91294 - June 30

I can tell when I am ovulating. I get a bit of a gooey discharge. My husband and I tried twice during the last time I thought I was ovulating. 2 weeks later I took two dollar store tests that came out with a faint line. 3 days after that, I took a First response that also came out positive. I still find ithard to believe and swear the tests must be wrong...but three positives means something. dr appointment is in a week and a half. Good luck!


Nickelye - June 30

Hey Carrielad! Are you experiencing any more symptoms??? :)


Carrielad - July 2

Hey Nickeleye...same symptoms...just getting more impatient! You need to test!! Have you done it yet?



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