Has Anyone Ever Tested Early

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L.I. - March 10

Has anyone ever tested w/" First Response Early" a few days before af gotten a negative and then waited a few days and gotten a positive? Just curious! Thanks


Mythili - March 10

I tested 17 dpo and got a positive.... I couldn't believe my eyes so I tested again today and I got a positive again.


L.I. - March 10

That's awesome. I am not due for 4 days but couldn't resist testing today. Of course it was neg. I didn't know if I had a prayer being preg.


felfel - March 10

I am due in about the 14th of march, and I couldn't resist doing pregnancy test "predictor" and came back negative, but had a bad feeling about it, at least I should have had a faint dot if I was prego, or what do you think:(


Kerri - March 10

Tested right on the day I was due for a/f Mar 5 and got a negative but haven't retested yet and thought that the first one would be positive. I've had two periods which were both with brown cm and little flow which made me test in the first place as that's not normal for me. But will maybe retest this weekend. Good Luck and anyone else who tried and got a negative and then a positive, please let us know.


Liz - March 10

With my daughter I tested in the a.m. got a negative w/ one test and went out and bought an stronger kit and it came out positive. I am curios about your question though....Good luck and Dust!!!!


Linda - March 10

My af is due today and I am so tempted to test tomorrow morning if it doesn't come but like most of you, I am afraid it might be to early or I will get a negative so I am going to wait it out untill next week.... I hate this waiting game! lol


laura - March 15

i have done soo many tests and came back with a negative reading, even this last time i did a test and it came bk neg, i ended up going to the docs with period pains but no periods cos i was gettin worried, he did a test whilst i was there and it came bk pos. i was very shocked, im now 6 weeks pregnant :) good luck to you


ruby - March 15

laura--did he give you a urine test or blood test? it's been 51 days since my last AF and i keep getting -HPT. i made an appt with my dr. yesterday but won't see him 'til the 29th.


Layla - March 15

I tested with first response Sat and got a neg. My af was due today but nothing other than cramping like I had with my first pregnancy. I may test today. Good luck LI


j - March 15

Ruby- You should tell your doctor it's an emergency and you need to see him/her sooner. Just tell them you want a blood test. Most doctors will let you come in without an appointment for that (you just call ahead. At least here in NY.


ruby - March 15

uh oh. now i'm getting anxious. should i really consider this an emergency? what kind of explanantion should i give the dr's office (as to why i think it's an emergency)?


J - March 15

Just tell them that you have gone without your period for 51 days and you would like to come in for a blood test as soon as possible. I didn;t mean to alarm you, but for some reason when you say emergency, doctors seem to find a way to fit you in. My sister's a doctor. And it is sort of emergency....I mean your mental health is being effected here. Your wondering and stressing and if you are PG, that isn't good for the baby. Also 51 days late would bring you to I think 8 weeks.


want a baby - March 15

i was due for af on the 14th of feb. but i just had a feeling i was already pg so i took the test on the 9th of feb. and it was positive.!! was ttc for 3 mos. baby dust to all ttc!!!



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