Has Anyone Had Brown Discharge Instead Of Period

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Bonnie - February 15

Hi, My last regular period was on Dec. 31st. On Jan 28-30 I had a little brown discharge. Then on Feb 5-11 I had brown blood and gooey discharge mixed in , but not enough to go onto a pad, just when i wipe. Pregnancy tests have been negative so far. I do not have insurance, so i have not been to the doctor. So my question is, has anyone had this brown blood, yucky stuff instead of a period, and been pregnant?? Any advice is gladly welcome! thanks!


Kristina - February 15

My first period when I went off Yasmin, was brown and then gooey blood, just like yours. The brown lasted 2-3 days, then I had a little red and then it stopped. My next period was very short and no clots - weird huh? I had a very faint positive test, and am waiting a few more days to test again. Good luck!


stacey - February 15

I am waiting for my period(after a D&E), but experienced the same thing...brown mucusy discharge..with a little spotting when wiped...I was hoping it was implantation bleeding (2 days after s_x which is a bit early. Heard it cold also be midcycle bleeding...maybe for some reason your cycle is off. I read that sometimes you can skip a period, but do midcyclespotting instead.


Bonnie - February 15

Hey Kristina and Stacey, thanks for your input. I am a__suming that my first brown blood was my implantation bleed, being about 6 days after what i think was the conception date. I have also read that around the time of your expected period, you may get some light spotting instead of your period if pregnant. Kristina, it sounds like you are pregnant, even if it was a faint pos. please keep me updated, i will do the same! thanks!!


Kristina - February 15

Bonnie: my test was very very very faint lines, so I am still not sure. Trying not to get my hopes up - yeah right! :) I will keep you posted!


stacey - February 20

Kristina? Bonnie? Have either of you figured out what it was?


Bonnie - February 20

Stacey, I am still waiting, I have not had any more discharge since the 11th. I am going to wait until my next cycle date, around March2nd, and if I still do not get a regular period, and still neg tests, then I will go to the doctor. I still have some symptoms, swollen/sore b___bs w/major veins, nauseous at times during the day, tired, food aversions etc. How about you Stacey? Kristina? I hope everyone is doing well!


ckkhor - February 21

good luck 2 everyone!


trixie - February 21

hi bonnie..i have been having the same problem since jan too. my last period was on dec31st.. and then around jan 25th i noticed brown discharge, not enough to use a pant.. not even soiled inners..just muck on the tissue. feb 2nd i had the same discharge. and then again from 15th i am having this discharge.i have all most of the pg symptoms.. but preg tests are negative. my doc ordered an ultrasound..i am waiting for results.. will keep u posted... keep me posted


Bonnie - February 21

Trixie, It sounds like what you have, is almost exactly like me. Yes PLEASE keep me posted. I am dying to know what's up with me/us. I will definitely keep you posted too. Thanks so much!! good luck!!!


stacey - February 21

I am still having it, but negaive on tests. Since the 11th, I have had it (brown cm and watery brown when wipe ) for a bout 1/2 hr. maybe around every other or every 3rd day. Not sure what it is, or what it cna be a symptom of- just hoping it's preparing to give me a positive test.QUESTION- if you both feel pregnant (like I do) are you eating/taking care of yourself as if you have had a postiive? I am still drinking diet cola and taking advil, but not really sure I should be. However, I figure there are always people that don't know they are pregnant early on and do worse.


Bonnie - February 21

Hey Stacey, That's weird that it comes every 3 days, I guess its taking its time to come out. I noticed with mine when I had it, if I increased my activity, more came out. For example I was baby-sitting one night, and was picking up and rocking to sleep in my arms a 16 month old. (which is pretty heavy). I seemed to have more that time. I remember when I was younger my mother had said that if you pick up heavy things, its pushes out the blood more. (who knows if that's true). So are you getting more blood when you increase your activity? Yes I am kind of acting like I am pregnant. I only drink water, even though I want diet coke so bad. I also purchased otc prenatal pills, so I am getting all of my vitamins. I have also tried to increase veggies and fruits in my diet, and drink milk when I can. I am not going to the gym and doing strenuous exercise. But on the downfall, I do eat a fair amount of sugar and chocolate, which I know is not good. I have been sick once, and stayed away from medicine. I would say if you can stay away from the Advil, try to. I have read that you want to try to not take any medicine during the first 10 weeks because of all of the developing parts in your baby. I would say if you can cut down on the diet that would be ok Just stay away from rum and diet coke (mmmm my favorite). I am going to take another test by the end of this week. I will keep you updated, please do the same! (Sorry if too long!) good luck!!!


trixie - February 22

hi bonnie,stacey, kristina..i got the ultrasound reports..the docs secretary left a message tht the ultrasound is NORMAL!!! i dunno wot to think.if i was preggy i think she wud have said so.. anyway.. this is getting crazier by the day.will try n call my doc tomm. Bonnie: u are rite when i do heavier activity the discharge is more.. n if i take complete rest its hardly there. Stacey: yes i have started taking prenatal vitamins.. my doc said if u are TTC, u shud sart on these.. i wud suggest u do to...i am just avoiding going to the gym..hhehhe(another excuse to not work out)other than tht no special attention.keep me mosted gals..Tonns of baby dust to all of us


trixie - February 22

bonnie wot abt ur insurance..any luck with tht


kelly - February 22

I thought i got AF today, but now I'm not so sure. It started out red and now its kind of brown. Can this possibly be implanatation bleeding? I thought I had some symptoms, but maybe I really didn't.


Bonnie - February 22

Trixie, that's weird. has the doctor told you what's up with your period? no luck on the insurance yet. If I don't get my period in a week, then I will just have to pay to go to the doctor. Keep us updated on how you are doing. Kelly- what is the flow of your period? Heavy, clots?? Good luck to all!


Kerri - February 22

Hi Bonnie, I'm in the same position as I thought I was having a period so I put a tampon in and was spotting brown blood and then discharge mixed in as well on the second day and no red flow whatsoever but not sure if I'm preg. Had two HPT's and a blood test which came back negative but I'm not convinced so next week Mar 5 I'm due for my next period and if I don't have it then I will for sure know if I'm preg and will let you know. Some people say I may have tested to early.



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