Has Anyone Had Intermittent Bleeding During Pregnancy

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XelajuMoon - July 21

So I'm trying to condense this as much as possible. For the passed three months we have been going with the "whatever happens, happens" thought. We have been using the pull out method MOST of the time. I have been taking prenatal vitamins and we have been having intercourse at least once a day almost everyday for a few months. I have always been irregular, usually really heavy and fairly long (5 to 7 days) and every couple of months or so. Starting sometime mid last year it changed to about 4 days. My hubby has had his share of fun and has not pulled out 3 or 4 times that I know of. He has admitted to not pulling out right on time quite a few times with such candor that he seems very hopeful. My last menstrual cycle was June 15th. It only came for about 2 days at most. Hardly any cramping and not too heavy as usual. I figured it was an off month, which has NEVER happened. Usually goes on too long. Toward the end of June or beginning of July I started feeling a little strange. Started bruising ridiculously easily, had some nausea here and there, and my hubby just wasn't very welcome to touch anywhere around my br___t area for a few weeks. The monthly friend was expected the 15th. Its never on time. I spotted pink on the 15th. The 16th I had bleeding which I thought was my period only with no cramping. It was semi-heavy but not enough to be my usual. For the next days I just had spotting maybe once a day. That's it. It's gone. The symptoms have somewhat subsided except for the nausea. That was really prevalent around the 15th. I have also had some heavy sleeping like I'm wiped out. My lower abdomen does seem quite distended (maybe bloating?) and I have to admit I feel something off. I almost think my br___ts look larger. Maybe it's just backed up hormones or all in my head. I haven't tested yet. I want to wait another week. I hate being disappointed! I miscarried almost 3 years ago.


aibogirl - July 21

You, my dear, sound like you are with child. I too had the weird short bleed. And that pink spotting. I thought it was my regular period but it was way too short and light to be. I tested positive last week. Take a test. I am almost willing to bet money it's positive. Oh, and just because you miscarried doesn't mean you can't have a healthy pregnancy after it. Lots of miscarries happen before a pregnancy takes. Good luck :)


XelajuMoon - July 21

Hmmm I'm glad I found someone who went through the bleeding thing! I've only heard of it. How long after your bleeding did you test? Did you wait a bit longer?


XelajuMoon - July 27

*bump* I tested last friday and got a negative test. I was ok with it till maybe sunday. Something just feels different and I have to admit these symptoms haven't gone away and my mild headaches have slightly increased. I found a pink tinge on the tp today but thats it. definitely no cramps or discomfort. someone asked me yesterday if i was sure i wasn't pregnant. something about the way i was acting and my tummy they said. who knows?!


XelajuMoon - July 29

I had planned to take the test in the morning but I had to hurry and leave. I took one right now at 4:30ish. I went to the restroom then finished my water at work and came home. The drive is about 30 mins. Took a test, I suppose it was diluted but I had to go, and I got speckles in the vertical line where the positive result would be. I'm so confused. I've heard of speckles but I hear mixed results. I need to go buy a different one and do it in the morning. How frustrating!!!



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