Has Anyone Had Preg Symtoms At 5dpo

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Sweetz - October 17

Hey, My name is Trisha and me and my husband are trying to get pregnant, The last time we ttc it worked on the first try so I am hoping this time will be the same. I was Ovulating on the 11th so We made sure to ttc that night. Today would be 5dpo and I have had cramping, frequent urination, just the "pregnant" feeling. I gained one and a half pounds this week. To me this seems too early to already be getting symptoms but my family is all fertile and gets pregnant their first try and that seems to be workin with me too. What does everyone think?? Could I already be getting signs of pregnancy??


Sweetz - October 17

Also I have been very short tempered with my husband and son and very emotional


tyler0323 - October 17

it does seem to early to be having weight issues but you never know. i started with sore b___sts at about 1.5 weeks prior to af.


cat4larry - October 17

I totally had pregnancy symptons same as yours 5 DPO ... even 3 DPO. My bbs have blue veins leading to nipples and they are heavy and sore, my libido completely dissappeared which is opposite of me, my normal wetness during ovulation lasted 1 day normally lasts 4, had headaches, cramps starting in ovary going closer and closer to uterus. My cervix feels low and soft and there is CM white chunky around it. I am very empotional cranky and b___hy right now... again no s_x drive, so unusual!!


Sweetz - October 17

Cat4Larry- so you had the same symtoms... yeah mine started 3 dpo too. So what did yours end up being?? Were you pregnant or is this just going on right now and your unsure??


ressie - October 17

Well i am just now 5dpo and i am having some of the symptoms. I am having the cramping and pulling and my b___sts are sore and they have the spider viens and the big blue one and then my nipps are so sensitive and liek you cat4larry my libido is pretty much gone which is not like me at all. So, lets hope it is a good sign for all of us


cat4larry - October 18

Sweetz ... I Tested yesterday at 10 DPO and it was HPN. My cramps, b___sts, headaches are gone but now I have bad indigestion and burping and ga__sy a lot (not like me at all) and when I burp i get that acidy taste in my throat. Still feel very bloated ... which is not like me ...I dont normally get too bloated 5 days before my period. I will test in the morning DPO12 and let you all know! Good luck p.s. my libido still way down and still pretty cranky


Pumperstinkle3 - January 17

So what's the verdict ever


Pumperstinkle3 - January 17

Everyone....? I meant to say



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